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The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull #BlogTour #Review

And May is here! I hope you’re all having a wonderful, sunny day. It sure is warm and sunny in Macedonia and it’s definitely impacting my mood. But what is definitely adding to the wonderful day is the fact I can FINALLY share my review of Rebecca Mascull’s new exquisite novel, THE WILD AIR. It’s one of the most gorgeous book I’ve ever read and I can’t recommend it enough. I strongly urge you all to check it out as well as the other tour hosts on the blog tour who feel the same way I do. Now, I’ll leave you with my review and do come back with your comments after you read this wonderful book. Cheerio, sweethearts!

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
Published on 4.5.2017
Genres:historical fiction
Pages: 400

In Edwardian England, aeroplanes are a new, magical invention, while female pilots are rare indeed.

When shy Della Dobbs meets her mother’s aunt, her life changes forever. Great Auntie Betty has come home from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, across whose windswept dunes the Wright Brothers tested their historic flying machines. Della develops a burning ambition to fly and Betty is determined to help her.

But the Great War is coming and it threatens to destroy everything – and everyone – Della loves.

Uplifting and page-turning, THE WILD AIR is a story about love, loss and following your dreams against all odds.

Oh dear, for the first time in a year or so I actually fear writing a review. Why? Well, firstly because the book is SOOOOOO beautiful, I fear like my words and desire to analyze it will ruin the experience of it. I actually feel like keeping it all for myself for a while, feeling the warmth of Mascull’s beautiful prose, thinking of quiet Della and just like her, keeping my opinion to myself to honour her and her quietness. Secondly, I fear that no matter what I say, no matter the way I approach in talking about this book, I will ruin it and not do the book justice. My words will never be good enough to explain just how amazing this book is.

But in this world we have to use words to explain how we feel and as hard that is for me right now, I will do my best. Ms Mascull has created a true masterpiece of a book and I will do everything in my power to let the world know about it.

I’ve never encountered such an authenticity, imagination, creativeness like in Ms Mascull’s writing. It’s so clever yet elegant, emotional yet firm. I’m at awe of her skills to deliver such a story, intertwine the real life events, a time turbulent and hard, with what’s product of her imagination. The Wild Air tells the story of young Della Dobbs, a very ‘ordinary’ and quiet girl. She’s got a big family, two older sisters and a brother and was never her parents’ favourite. Seems not many people are actually interested in her opinion, so she spends her days being quiet and enjoying her bike. It’s when she meets her great aunt Betty that she realizes there’s a different world out there, one who needs her talents and dreams. Great aunt Betty has been living in the US since she was 40 and it’s there that she discovered her passion for the sky and flying. Now she’s back home and shares her stories with little Della, she actually influences the little girl to have dreams. It’s then that Della realizes her understanding of mechanics and love of bikes is actually a talent. Just like the Wright brothers she’s about to discover her analytical and practical mind can be put to good use.

Though the story is about Della, it can really be about any woman living in Edwardian times. In times when women are expected to marry and have their lives revolving around their family, Della and Betty are an example of the progressive ideas that are out of the norm. What I loved the most is how inspirational this story is, and though every reader will take out of it what they want/need, I saw this side of the story, the one that tells us that whatever we can see in our mind’s eye and heart, we can achieve. It speaks of the endless possibilities and stepping out of the comfort zone and about being yourself first and always.

The amazing thing about this book is that Ms Mascull managed to get me hooked on the story as well as on her characters. You’ll agree with me, there are some book with great stories however the author is not too skilled to portray a good main character. Seems no matter how much they try, their characters feel two dimension and not real. Well, in the case of ‘The Wild Air’ you not only get your teeth in a fantastic story, but you also get to meet amazing characters you’ll root for, feel them so close as if they are in the same room with you. I was absolutely blown away with Della and Betty. While I consider myself an extrovert and I can connect more easily to such book characters, I absolutely adored Della. I don’t know how she got under my skin, but she did it effortlessly and will live with me forever. She’s nothing like me, she’s quiet and very practical (and doesn’t even like books), and yet I could understand her perfectly.

I really could go on for days about this book, but it all goes down to this – JUST READ IT! Don’t hesitate, don’t doubt, don’t think of your toppling TBR piles, just find the time anyway you can, because I promise you, the experience of reading this baby is sooooo rewarding. No matter if you’re a fan of historical fiction I’m positive you’re gonna enjoy it. Emotional, clever and so well researched, The Wild Air is a novel that deserves all the praise and rewards. Hats off to Ms Mascull for creating such an exquisite novel that will live with me forever.

About Rebecca Mascull

Rebecca Mascull is the author of THE VISITORS and SONG OF THE SEA MAID. She has previously worked in education, has a Masters in Writing and lives by the sea in the east of England.

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