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The Gift by Louise Jensen Blog Tour

Hey guys, long time no see! It’s been such a long time since my last post and I’d like to apologise for going MIA. However, 2016 has been a really tough year, especially the last couple of month and unfortunately I didn’t have the time nor the energy for blogging. But, I’m back! YAY! And I’m back big! Today I’m part of Louise Jensen’s blog tour for her new gripping psychological novel, THE GIFT. Do I recommend it? HELL YEAH! Read on for my review and massive thanks to lovely Kim from Bookouture for the chance to be part of the blog tour. Cheerio sweethearts!

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Gift by Louise Jensen
Published by Bookouture
Published on 16.12.2016
Genres:thriller, psychological thriller
Pages: 320

The perfect daughter is dead. And a secret is eating her family alive…

Jenna is given another shot at life when she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie. Eternally grateful to Callie and her family, Jenna gets closer to them, but she soon discovers that Callie’s perfect family is hiding some very dark secrets …

Callie’s parents are grieving, yet Jenna knows they’re only telling her half the story. Where is Callie’s sister Sophie? She’s been ‘abroad’ since her sister’s death but something about her absence doesn’t add up. And when Jenna meets Callie’s boyfriend Nathan, she makes a shocking discovery.

Jenna knows that Callie didn’t die in an accident. But how did she die? Jenna is determined to discover the truth but it could cost her everything; her loved ones, her sanity, even her life.

A compelling, gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist from the author of the Number One bestseller The Sister.

Louise Jensen made her debut in July 2016 and in a short span released her second novel, ‘The Gift’ making her one of the most read Bookouture authors. I haven’t read ‘The Sister’ however I do have it on my kindle, and after reading her second novel I’ll make sure to clear my agenda and find the time to read her debut.

How did I approach this book? Frankly, I’ve heard a lot of people praise Louise’s writing, but I tried approaching it with no expectations (as usually, I end up very disappointed whenever I have high hopes for a book). It took few short chapters to get me hooked on the story and read the whole book, cover to cover in just 3 hours. It’s not that I’m a fast reader, but the book is rather fast paced and there’s a lot going which really pulls you in.

I really knew nothing about what is at the core of this book. CMR – The Cellular Memory. To be frank, I love science and I try to keep up with it however I haven’t read much articles on organ transplantation. But I’m completely new to the phenomenon of Cellular Memory, which basically is is the collective energy field generated by individual cell memories. Organs remember and each of our body’s cells contains info within itself, info that comes from all our life experience, genetic heritage and experiences of past generations who are connected to us. It’s a very serious topic and I assume it took Louise a lot of time and energy to research this topic so thoroughly so she could implement it in her novel. Hats off to you, Louise!

The novel is centered around Jenna who narrates the book and all of the book is told from her perspective. I honestly wish we got to see different perspectives as I find these books with more narrators a bit more complex the different points of view give the book more depth. At least that’s my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.

Jenna gets ill and what doctors think is sort of flu turns into viral myocarditis, leaving her heart severely damaged. A heart transplantation is the only chance for her to survive, but chances to find a heart in such a short time are close to slim. But a miracle happens (though in this case ones miracle is a disaster for another) and the hospital finds Jenna a heart and the operation goes well. There’s always a chance things might go wrong and she’s told not have kids, but she’s young (only 30 years old) and leaves the hospital feeling like a new person. Literally! She has these dreams which don’t make sense, she feels being chased, she has visions where she eats strawberries (and she doesn’t even like strawberries)…overall, she feels like there’s another person trapped within her and she can’t help but feel lost.

Though she’s forbidden to contact the donor’s family and there’s a good reason for this hospital policy, she feels she has to find out more about the person who died but helped her live. She sees the family and finds out a lot about her donor, Callie, a young, upbeat 20 something year old who died in a car accident. The thing is, Jenna feels there’s more to the story and becomes fixated on finding out the mystery behind Callie’s death. She gets into contact with Nathan, Callie’s fiance and starts digging a bit about the last night Callie was seen.

I truly enjoyed ‘The Gift’ and found it a really gripping read. The whole phenomenon of Cellular Memory fascinated me and even got me researching the topic hours after I finished this book. While the story is fabulous and the characters felt real, I just wish there were more narrators. It would really be interesting to see their perspectives. Initially, I wasn’t really impressed with Jenna, but she grew on me in time. I was more interested in Callie, I have to admit that. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, I do recommend this book and am pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

About Louise Jensen

Louise is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, children, madcap spaniel and a rather naughty cat.

The Sister is Louise’s debut novel and it reached No.1 on the Amazon Kindle chart in both the UK and Canada and No.1 on iBooks. Louise’s second book, The Gift, will be published on 16th December 2016.

Louise loves to hear from readers and writers and can be found at, where she regularly blogs flash fiction.

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