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About Us By Jon Rance #BlogTour #GuestPost

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Life sometimes gets in the way, doesn’t it? Well I’m thrilled to be back today as part of a blog tour for an author I absolutely adore. Today I have the pleasure to welcome Jon Rance on my blog with a guest piece about his latest book, ABOUT US. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be reading this book as Jon’s novels are simply hilarious! Massive thanks to Jon for the chance to be part of his blog tour and for being my guest.

About Us by Jon Rance
Published on 22.8.2017
Genres:chick lit, rom com, humor
Pages: 299

A love story with an ending you won’t see coming

It’s about life. It’s about love. It’s about us.

Hilarious and heartbreaking.

From the bestselling author of Sunday Dinners and Dan And Nat Got Married, comes a bittersweet comedy about a marriage, about how it begins, how it falls apart, and the choices we’re forced to make. Perfect for fans of David Nicholls, Jojo Moyes, and Mike Gayle.

Rosie Willis isn’t happy. Her once perfect marriage to husband, Pete, is falling apart, her mother is dying, and her three children are starting to feel like strangers. At forty she feels like she’s stuck, but then she meets handsome widower, Mark Hornby, at the school gates and he makes her feel alive again.

As she drifts further from Pete, she gets closer to Mark, but approaching Christmas she realises she needs to try to save her marriage and keep her family together. Despite her feelings, she can’t have an affair. Unfortunately, Pete has news of his own that throws everything into doubt.

Rosie must choose a new life. There’s Pete, Mark, or going it alone. It isn’t easy when you’re forty, when you have three kids, when you feel past it, when your mother is dying, but life isn’t meant to be easy.

This is the story of Rosie and Pete. From the beginning until the end – Guest Post by Jon Rance

Hello! This is the last blog on the blog tour for my novel, About Us. I always feel a little sad at this point because it’s like saying goodbye to the book. I’ve spent the last year writing it, editing it, marketing and designing ads and it’s been my working life. But after this blog it’s sort of done. I might do a few things here and there, but it’s essentially done, and that means onto my next project. It’s hard because as writers we’re completely invested in our work. These characters have become my friends, they’re in my head from morning until night, but now I have to say goodbye to them.

The nearest experience in my life to being a writer is when I went travelling. I spent a year travelling the world and when you do that you meet so many people. Some you might travel with for a day or two or some for a few weeks or longer. But while you’re with these people they’re your entire world. You rely on them for everything, so when it’s time to say goodbye it’s sad. They’re often just travelling somewhere else or they’re on a different time scale. I feel the same about the characters in my book. I will miss all of them and the world they lived in.

As it’s the last blog, what should I say? What can I say? I guess I just want to say goodbye and thank you. Thank you to the characters for giving me so much enjoyment and goodbye, I’ll miss you. To all the readers out there, thank you for buying the book it means the world to me. If you haven’t bought it yet, please give a shot. It’s a book that means the world to me. Lastly, I’d like to say thank you to all the bloggers and people who have supported this novel. Launching a book is always a terrifying business. This is my sixth one and it doesn’t get any easier. It’s helped in huge part by all the people who give up their time to help me. Thank you all.

So much like my time travelling, although it’s sad to say goodbye to one set of friends, I’m excited to move on and see what’s next. I already know because my new book is well under way. They’re a new set of people, in a different world, and it’s going to take a little while to get used to them, but I know when it’s time to release them into the world, I’ll be as happy and as sad as I am right now. This is the life of a writer; so many exciting beginnings and emotional endings.

About Us, is a dramatic comedy about life, about love, about us, and it’s out now exclusively on Amazon. Grab your copy now for just 99p for a limited time!

About Jon Rance

Jon Rance is the author of the novels: This Thirtysomething Life (which became a top ten Kindle best seller), Happy Endings, and, This Family Life. He’s also the author of the short story prequel, This Twentysomething Life. His latest novel, Sunday Dinners, will be out in late October.

Jon studied English Literature at Middlesex University, London, before going travelling and meeting his American wife in Australia. Jon loves comedy (especially sitcoms), the films of Richard Curtis, travelling and tea. He’s almost forty, which is a terrifying time, so his books might get a bit edgier and possibly angrier when it finally happens.

Jon writes comedy fiction similar to the work of Mike Gayle, Matt Dunn and Nick Spalding. One day he hopes to write an International best seller so he can afford to keep writing for a living. So please keep buying his books.

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