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Hey my gorgeous blog readers,

hope your week started off great. Today I have the pleasure to kick off Fiona Collins’ blog tour for ‘A Year of Being Single’. This is Fiona’s debut and was just published (21st of April) by Carina and I’m very happy to be among the first ones to read it. Massive thanks to lovely Jennifer from Harper Collins for the chance to be part of the blog tour. Make sure you visit the other blog hosts for more content. Oh and Fiona’s book is just 99p at the moment, a real bargain!



A Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins Blog Tour + ReviewA Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins
Published by Carina
Published on 21.4.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 260
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley
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Best friends Imogen, Frankie and Grace decide to test whether the grass really is greener on the single side of the fence…

Imogen is supposed to be on the most romantic weekend of her life and instead she’s quickly realised that her current boyfriend definitely isn’t ‘The One’ and actually One Big Mistake.

Frankie is fed up. Fed up of her good-for-nothing husband and her four, unappreciative children. Well, they hardly notice her anyway, maybe it’s time to shake it up a little…

Grace thought she had the perfect life. Gorgeous little boy and perfect, hardworking husband. Or rather, she did, until she realised her husband was shagging his ‘work’.

It’s time for a change – and to ditch the men who are dragging them down! It’s time for a year of being single. Swearing off men, these single ladies don’t need to put a ring on it…right?

‘A Year of Being Single’ is Fiona Collins’ debut and a book I’ve been excited to read ever since I saw the gorgeous, colourful cover. (Yes, I’m a sucker for a beautiful cover, I admit that). As this is debut, I approached the book with as little expectations as I could, as I really hate it when a book disappoints me. However, I was excited, I can’t hide that. I absolutely love books about BFFs, and women wanting to reinvent themselves. The premise of the book promised it all, three women (in their 30-40s), all unappreciated by men, are making a pact to be single for a year. Loved the sound of this!

Imogen is very disappointed with her last relationship, and she seems like a magnet for all the wrong types of men. She’s got her career, though she’s experiencing slight changes on that field too, and despite being in her 40s and dating a lot of men, she still hasn’t found the one. She can’t be the problem, as she’s intelligent, good looking, she’s a good friend…but somehow, men don’t see that. After her last repulsive boyfriend and a major let down, she decides it’s time to stop looking for the one. Hell, she won’t even date, she’ll be fine all by herself.

Frankie is finally fed up of her husband and the mad house they call their home. Mother of four (actually 5 if you count her husband too, as he seems to be the biggest child of them all) she needs a break. She desperately needs a quiet house where she could listen to her own thoughts, and she needs to teach them all a lesson. She does everything for them, countless hours in the kitchen, laundry, cleaning etc. But no one, especially not her husband Rob, seem to appreciate it. After a night of cooling down, she decides it’s time she and Rob had a break. She doesn’t need a man, especially if that man is Rob who can’t even pick up stuff after himself, let alone take care of her.

Grace has just found out her life is not as perfect as she thought. Her world comes tumbling down when she finds out her husband was having an affair at work. She decides it’s time to say goodbye to her cheating husband and say hello to singledom. Being single again, it cant be that bad, right?

You know what they say, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side …

Imogen, Frankie and Grace decide it’s time to make radical changes in their lives and vow not to date, or even be attracted to any man for a year. They are all they need, they have their friendship, they’ll support each other. Easy peasy, right? Well, it definitely will be a challenging time for them and they’ll learn a lot about themselves.

‘A Year of Being Single’ was an interesting and very easy read. After a long working day, this book will definitely take your mind off your problems. However, after reading 20% of it, I expected more. The book certainly got better after the first third of it, I guess it took me some time to get to know the women and understand their reasons for the radical and dramatic change. While the story is light hearted, I expected more humour. Though I could connect to Imogen’s ambition, Frankie’s break downs (having two children of my own), I can’t say I fully connected to these characters. I saw some sides of their personality I could relate, but unfortunately that wasn’t sufficient to convince me in their mission. As I said, if there was more humour in the book, things would have seem better.

Overall, it was a very fast read and if you’re a fan of chick lit, I assume you’ll be checking it out. I know we’ll certainly see more of Fiona Collins in the future and I’m looking forward to her next books.



About Fiona Collins

Fiona Collins lives in the Essex countryside with her husband, three children and the noisiest cat in England, but also finds time for a loving relationship with a Kindle.

She likes to write feisty, funny novels about slightly (ahem) more mature heroines. She writes furiously at her kitchen table whilst the children are at school. She often startles the postman by coming to the door wearing a hideous cardigan and shortbread crumbs.

Fiona studied Film & Literature at Warwick University and has had many former careers including TV presenting in Hong Kong; talking about roadworks on the M25 on the radio; and being a film and television extra. She has kissed Gerard Butler and once had her hand delightfully close to George Clooney’s bum.

When not writing, Fiona enjoys watching old movies and embarrassing her children, especially when they have friends over. She dreams of hiring a cleaner and someone to pick pants off the floor.

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