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Hello my beautiful blog readers,

today I have the pleasure to be the stop on Jennifer Joyce’s blog tour for her latest release The Wedding Date. Jennifer is the author of 5 works (novels and novellas) and someone I love stalking on twitter. She’s uber fun and her books definitely show this bubbly side of her personality. I’d like to say MASSIVE THANKS to lovely Jennifer for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and as for you guys, I hope my review will be enough of a motivation to grab this fun & funny book from amazon or other sites you purchase from.



I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Wedding Date by Jennifer Joyce Blog TourThe Wedding Date by Jennifer Joyce
Published by Carina
Published on 28.3.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 290
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley
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Delilah James, singleton and smoothie-addict, has six months to find a date for her oldest friend’s wedding. Oh, and to prove to her ex, best man Ben, that she has totally moved on since he dumped her out-of-the-blue nine months, eight days and seventeen hours ago…

So, with her two BFFs playing Cupid, Delilah launches herself into the high-tech, fast-paced and frankly terrifying world of dating. Luckily there’s the hot new guy at work, Adam Sinclair, to practice her flirting on – even if, as a colleague, he’s strictly off-limits!

Yet time’s running out and date after disastrous date forces Delilah to tell a little white lie – and invent a fake boyfriend! But will her secret crush on Adam ruin everything? Does she even care about Ben anymore? And is it too late to untangle her web of lies and take a real date to the wedding…?



Jennifer Joyce is the author of 5 works, 4 of which (including this one) I’ve read and greatly enjoyed. Her books are light, fun and giggle inducing and I was pretty sure The Wedding Date would be no exception. However, I have to admit despite being familiar with Jennifer’s writing, I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy this book so much. Even if I had any expectations, it definitely exceeded them.

The Wedding Date tells the story of Delilah James, a modern woman in her 20s and pretty much single. It’s been 9 months after the break up with Ben, but she’s not really over him. To make things worse, she’s invited to her oldest friend’s wedding and her ex is supposed to be there, as he too is a friend of the bride and the groom. All of a sudden, Delilah wants nothing more but to show Ben she’s over him and appear at the wedding with her plus one (and maybe even win Ben back). There’s a slight problem though, she doesn’t feel like going into another relationship and even if she was, there doesn’t seem any available men that take her interest. Except maybe her colleague, he’s cute…kind of, but definitely not into her.

Delilah has to check loads of frogs to find her prince and wedding date, and she’s definitely going to get lots of things complicated. Is honesty really the best policy? Yes, we’ll all agree on that, but can we forget our ego and show the world who we are. A little lie here and there is not supposed to hurt, right? And besides, she’s got everything under control. #NOT

The Wedding Date was such a fun book! Having read almost all of Jennifer’s books, (except for her previous ‘The Mince Pie Mix Up’, which IS waiting on my kindle and hope to read it soon), I feel free to say she’s definitely grown as a writer and her books are getting funnier and funnier. I do love seeing authors advance, work on themselves and start creating characters which feel so real.

One of the reasons I devoured this book in few short hours is the main character, Delilah. I found her great, not as clumsy as Bridget Jones but definitely has her sense for creating drama. To a certain extent you might say there were loads of cliches in the book, but to be honest, I didn’t care much for that. As for whether the story line was predictable or not. I was on a journey and I enjoyed the ride! I really cared for Delilah and she won my heart from page one. I know it is silly to chase a date just to prove someone you’re over them, but I BET we’ve all been there..done that! Maybe we’ve not faked a date, but I’m pretty sure we’ve tried to prove we’re enjoying our singledom.

I also liked Delilah’s friends and the bond she has with them. The only thing which in my opinion could have been better, is the romance part. Let’s just say I needed more convincing, OK? But other than that, The Wedding Date is a fantastic book to read after long working hours, or for chilling while on holidays. In my opinion, this is Jennifer’s best book yet and I’m already looking forward to reading more from her.



About Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies. She's been scribbling down bits of stories for as long as she can remember, graduating from a pen to a typewriter and then an electronic typewriter. And she felt like the bee's knees typing on THAT. She now writes her books on a laptop (which has a proper delete button and everything).

Jennifer lives in Manchester with her husband and their two daughters. Her novels A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SALAD, EVERYTHING CHANGES BUT YOU, THE MINCE PIE MIX-UP and THE WEDDING DATE are out now.

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