Book Review: ‘Total Eclipse of the Harriet’ by Fiona Jane Collins

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When Harriet Met Patti…

Harriet Martin has had a very dull life. Not much has happened to her, except having her daughter, Tabby, and being left by Tabby’s father, Adam. She works in a non-charming, cupcake-free coffee shop, has a pathetic social life and pines for Adam, who went off with a more exciting woman.

So, when she meets Patti Jax – former 80s rock star and cool, feisty icon – on the school run, things can only get more interesting.

Patti is new in town and has a ‘situation vacant’ for a friend. Before she knows it, Harriet is thrown into a rock star world of booze, parties and a highly attractive manager who may rapidly disprove her theory that love at first sight can only strike once.

Is Harriet about to step into the spotlight of her own life for the very first time?






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Meet Harriet, the wallflower. A mother, not a wife, in a relationship with the father of her daughter. A waitress in a boring cafe, a woman who never risks. Even when the love of her life leaves her for another woman, she does nothing, except waiting for him to come back. But, when Patti Jax, a former rock star shows up at the school gate, everything changes. Patti’s granddaughter goes to same school like Harriet’s daughter, and of all mums, Patti chooses Harriet for a friend. And everything changes! Being Patti’s friend isn’t boring at all! Patti even invites Harriet on a concert tour in Tailand, a perfect opportunity for the wallflower to step out of her comfort zone. With Patti by her side, Harriet finally sees her life with different eyes, and finally decides to do something to change her path, to create memories worth remembering. What happens is total eclipse of the Harriet!

Harriet as a MC is very weak at the beginning of the story. She is mature enough, but she lives in denial. She never takes risks, she never asks for anything. Patti Jax is God-sent to shake off her steady life and make some ups and downs. Harriet has decided long time ago to close herself in a shell and protect from being hurt, but being hurt is what makes us stronger. She is a lovely person, always cares for everyone, except for herself. As the story continues, she grows up as a character and finally starts standing  up for herself. Because if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one else will. Most of the time she lives in a dream, but fortunately, she wakes up. Her growth as a character is slow, but full of humorous and hilarious moments. It is not a drama, but a romantic story of a woman who’s a big dreamer.

You can join Harriet on her journey from the coffee tables of the local cafe to the concert stage in Thailand. Yes, concert stage! ‘Cause Harriet rocks! And Ms. Collins rocks! This is my second book from her and she gets better and better. Her writing style is excellent and her characters are evolving as the story goes. With humorous moments here and there, she creates joyful stories.


My rating: 8/10




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