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My second guest today is lovely Jaimie Admans, the author of several chick lit and YA novels. Her short story was recently published as part of an anthology ‘Christmas Wish Come True’ by Carina and it’s patiently waiting on my kindle to be read over the holidays. I’d like to thank lovely Jaimie for visiting and being part of #TCRXmas and wish her loads of success in the new 2016! Must say I LOVE everything that’s on her wishlist and hope Santa is good to her this year.




I’m Santa’s biggest fan. I am. Despite being way too old to believe in magic and having given up on the idea of elves, flying reindeer, and sleighs many years ago, I still love Santa. He’s happy and jolly, no one ever has a go at him for eating too many mince pies, he spreads Christmas cheer everywhere he goes, and he gets cookies on Christmas Eve (you know, because everyone needs an excuse to eat more over Christmas!)

There are many things I wish he’d leave under my tree – a winning lottery ticket, a few million pounds, a commemorative plaque for selling a million copies of my books, the answer to world peace and a never-ending supply of teabags (these two things are possibly related…) and some form of invention that allows you to eat anything you want and never put on weight.

Seeing as all those are fairly unlikely, here are some things he could get me if he’s feeling particularly generous this year!



1 – More hours in the day

I love this time of year! The music, the films, Christmas baking, and of course, all the lovely festive books! The problem is that Christmas really only lasts for a month, and there just isn’t enough time in December to watch all the new festive films on the Christmas TV channels, bake all the gingerbread men, and read all the Christmas books I want to read! I’m hoping for some time off over Christmas with nothing but my Kindle because there are so many amazing-sounding books out this year, but even with that, I’ve had to narrow my festive reading list down to the absolute must-reads when I really, really want to read them all!



2 – A handsome nutcracker

I’ve been looking everywhere for a handsome nutcracker! I know, I know, it’s kind-of the point of The Nutcracker to be ugly, but I want a nice-looking one. I’ve got a tiny one hung on the wall in front of me, but he’s too small and not handsome at all!

This chap from Asda is perfect – unfortunately he’s out of stock in my local Asda and on the website! Typical, eh?!



3 – My feet back to normal

This is an odd one, this! This year I’ve managed to kill both my big toenails by overdoing it on the treadmill (see? I’ve always said exercise is bad for you!) and the discomfort has meant that I can’t wear any of my winter boots this year. Knee-high boots are one of my favourite things about winter, but with the state of my toes, all shoes and boots have become torture devices, even my favourite pairs! I can’t wear anything on my feet at the moment – only a pair of ugly trainers in a size too big for the absolutely necessary occasions I have to leave the house, so if Santa could somehow give me a new pair of feet or at least two nice new toenails, that would be grand!



4 – The end of my book to write itself!

I’m on a deadline to finish my current work-in-progress before Christmas, and I’ve got to the part of my outline where I don’t actually know what happens. I mean, I know how it ends, there’s just a tricky 20k or so between now and the ending where my outline says ‘save Christmas’, with no helpful instructions or clues as to how the characters are supposed to do that!

I’m currently procrastinating by writing this post and pretending awkward book bits don’t exist. Santa wouldn’t mind dropping off a few elves to come in and write the mystery 20,000 words for me, would he?!



5 – A massive box of Ferrero Rocher!

In all fairness, I wouldn’t complain about any chocolate, but Ferrero Rocher are my absolute favourite. I’m actually really lucky because A) everyone knows they’re my favourite, and B) my birthday is a few days after Christmas so no sooner have the Christmas supply of them run out, I get given more! Then I have to eat the lot before the diet starts in January!



6 – Books, books, books! (And socks, and nail varnish!)

I’m pretty easy to please with presents. I love chocolate, cosy socks, nail varnish, and books! All presents make me happy though. I like the consideration of them and knowing you matter enough to someone to go to the effort of buying something they think you’ll like.

Besides, Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about family and food, but if there are any book-shaped packages that smell of that lovely new-book fresh paper smell under my tree this year, I’ll be very happy indeed! Especially if they come with chocolate!




#TCRXmas with Jaimie AdmansChristmas Wish Come True by Jaimie Admans
Published by Carina
Published on 4.12.2015
Genres: chick lit
Format: e-book
Buy on amazon.co.uk or Buy on amazon.com

All I Want for Christmas by Gina Rochelle

Ditching her faithless fiancé, schoolteacher Isabella plans to spend the holidays alone. But when she unintentionally inspires a young pupil to make an impossible wish, she joins forces with his – totally gorgeous – uncle to put things right! Could two wishes come true this Christmas?

Dreaming of a White Wedding by Misty Shaw

When Scarlet discovered her husband-to-be in a passionate clinch with her bridesmaid, she called off her Valentine’s wedding and ran away to London. But when her sister asks for her help, she can’t refuse…even if it means coming face-to-face with her ex – the man she never stopped loving!

Christmas Every Day by Jaimie Admans

Emma loves bumping into Gorgeous Dog Walker, Nick, every evening. But when he ends up in a coma (partly her fault), she ends up taking care of ‘his job’…and his dog! Emma stopped believing in Santa years ago, but this Christmas her world is about to be turned upside down!

Christmas Wish Come True is a gift for you this December, snuggle up by the fire, leave the stresses of Christmas shopping behind you…and relax!




About Jaimie Admans

Jaimie is a 30-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, drinking tea and watching horror movies. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she sounds like a dying hyena. She hates spiders and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots. She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.

She has been writing for years, but has only just plucked up the courage to tell people. She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedy Kismetology and young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.

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