#SundayChallenge Week 11 + History & FAQ

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Hey there lovelies,

it’s time for another #sundaychallenge. First off, we’d like to apologize for not posting anything about our #sundaychallenge on the blog and though this is the 11th week we’re organizing we simply couldn’t find the time to post in between our reviews and blog tours. But, we promise we’ll be doing it regularly from now on. Now, let us tell you the story of our #sundaychallenge and how we took off on this amazing adventure.

History of #sundaychallenge

One day I (Ananda, Dr Ananda or her Maj, as you wish);) woke up and realized I will be swallowed by my TBR pile, I saw books scattered all over my room and looked at the number of books I should review. I almost had a heart attack!! We all start blogging thinking it will be just our hobby (and it still is) and we love reading anyway, so it’s gonna be fun, fun, fun! But one day you wake up and realize your tbr pile is out of control and you got all these arcs and review copies you want to review (because some very awesome authors/publishers/publicists sent them to you since obvs they love & support your blog) and you say – MAN, IT’S ABOUT TIME I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! So one day (21st September) I tweeted something like ‘I’m challenging myself to read 7 books in 7 days’ and all of a sudden, I started getting notifications of twitter pals rooting for me and asking if they could join me. And VOILA, #sundaychallenge was born! Next thing, I come up with the idea to organize giveaways as reward to all our turbo readers who’ve been participating and supporting us and our idea and we got a great feedback from so many authors. It was all happening so fast, and we’re chuffed with the number of people who participate and support #sundaychallenge every week. We thank you for this from the bottom of our heart!


I’m new to this, what exactly is #sundaychallenge?

#sundaychallenge is a weekly reading challenge we organize every week. Every Saturday we post the new challenge as well as the prize/s on twitter (@ThisChickReads is our twitter handle, to all who are not following us there). Basically, just by replying to our tweet telling us you’re in, you’re signed up. Yes, it’s THAT EASY! No complex linkies, no need to follow us (though we appreciate if you do:)) and no need to comment on this post (though we love comments and we promise to reply to each one). BUT the important thing is, on Sunday 1 pm British time we start reading our books for the challenge. Don’t worry, you can start later if you want, but not earlier. And the challenge finishes next Sunday 1pm British time. Once you complete, tweet us by using hashtag #sundaychallenge, as we get tons of notifications and would really hate to miss your feedback.


I’m not a book blogger, can I still join in?

YES! No matter if you have a blog, review or not, as long as you read you can join our #sundaychallenge. Every book lover is totally welcome to join the challenge.


Do I need to sign up every week?

Yes! Since every week we have different themes (challenges), you need to watch out for this post (or our tweet) and each time you need to tell us so you’d be signed up.


Do I need to review the book/s I will read for the challenge?

No, as I mentioned #sundaychallenge is a reading challenge, so you’re not obliged to review the book/s you read. However, you’re certainly welcome and we encourage you to do it. I’m sure authors would appreciate it, however as I said, it’s not mandatory.


Do I need to blog about #sundaychallenge?

No, once again this is not mandatory, but some of our participants do it as a post or mention our #sundaychallenge and the books they read in their weekly wrap ups. Massive thanks to all of you wonderful bloggers who are doing this and spreading the word about our #sundaychallenge! If you DO blog about our challenge, please use the gorgeous #sundaychallenge graphic (at the top of this post) our lovely friend Rachel from Rachale’s Reads did for us (LOVE YOU, RACHEL) and it would be fab if you could link it to us. And of course, tweet us your post (or review of your #sundaychallenge book/s) and we’ll gladly spread the word about it.


And how long exactly have you been doing #sundaychallenge?

We’re so proud to say that what started as Ananda’s crazy idea to motivate herself read more, ended up in a challenge many have been doing for 11 WEEKS!  Just today we posted our 11th #sundaychallenge and we sure plan on doing this till we can and till we have the support from you, lovely readers.


So when you say ‘many’, how many #sundaychallenge participants do you mean? 

We love exact science and numbers!:) And we are more than happy to share the exact number of our participants. However, apologies for not knowing the number of the first two weeks, since everything was still fresh and we honestly didn’t know it will become a weekly thing.

week 3: 40 participants

week 4: 52 participants

week 5: 41 participants

week 6: 55 participants

week 7: 63 participants

week 8: 71 participants

week 9: 59 participants

week 10: 55 participants



And you say, we could win books?

Yup, thanks to some very very awesome authors, all our participants are in to win some fantastic titles. Massive thanks to all the wonderful authors who’ve sponsored our #sundaychallenge so far Kat Black, Kristin Bair O’Keeffe, Kerry Fisher, Melanie Howard, Kirsty Greenwood, Rachael LucasHeather Hill and Nicola Doherty. We love you all and can’t thank you enough for all the support, it really means the world to us.


So, what’s this week’s #sundaychallenge?

This week we’re showing some love to Ireland and all the fab Irish authors, so the challenge is Read a book by an Irish author or a book set in Ireland. As every week, we got some awesome prizes for our participants, so we will be giving away TWO SIGNED PAPERBACKS of If I Could Turn Back Time by Nicola Doherty. This is one of our all time favourite books and we’re so happy 2 of you will be able to win a signed copy!

#sundaychallenge 30 Nov - 7 Dec



Wow, that was one hell of a long post! But we hope we answered some of the questions you’ve been interested in (every time you’d see #sundaychallenge hashtag pop into your feed) and we hope you will join us, because as a friend once said & I shall quote her ‘All the cool kids are doing #sundaychallenge’ 🙂

Until next time sweethearts,


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    • thischickreads

      Thanks so much, lovely & for your awesome support since the very beginning. We sure discovered loads of new authors & read some fab books. & you’re doing a great job, completing all our challenges so far. Well done! xx

  1. lynsey farmer

    Love doing the sunday challenge think may have joined in at week 3 can remember it being an xmas read week but so glad i joined in its nice to have a themed week. The sunday challenge has awaken my love for reading again xx

    • thischickreads

      OMG Lyns, you should see me now! I’m GLOWING! Thank you so so much for your kind words & for all the fab support throughout our journey! So happy to see people loving our ‘baby’, we’re simply over the moon. Cheers to future #sundaychallenge s! P.S. We’ll be reading more Xmas books, for sure;) XX

    • thischickreads

      You sweetpie youuuu!:) You were among the first ones (or maybe even the first one) who wanted to join me on this:) THANK YOU hun, for everything & all the super #sundaychallenge support! Really means much XX

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