Book Review: ‘Sparkling Stilettos’ by Jess Wright

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Book one in the Sparkling series

Chasing dreams can be tough, even when you run as fast as your bespoke stilettos will take you…

As Megan Winter’s wedding day approaches, her heart flutters with excitement. Dylan Dunkin-Buckshaw is a great catch. Handsome in a sharp, confident kind of way, he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man and a husband. A match made in heaven—right?

With a fledgling shoe design business that’s set to take off, Megan decides to take control of her life and strut her stuff. With the help of loyal friends and a handsome stranger she begins to turn heads and get noticed. She’s hitched her wagon to the stars and she’s planning on enjoying the ride, wearing her best stilettos whilst she does it!

But will she reach those glittering stars? Is there something lurking in the shadows to hold her back? Under all the excitement and sparkle of her new found adventures there seems to be an ominous presence trying to take the shine from her happiness.






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Megan Winter is getting married. Everything is prepared, the dress is gorgeous, her family arrived from Australia, she is walking down the isle… and, there is no happily ever after. In that very last moment before saying „I do“ Megan decides to change her mind. She suddenly realizes that Dylan is not the man she wants to spend the life with. And she runs away leaving him all alone standing in the church.

Megan runs her own company, „Winter Shoes“ and works very hard to achieve her dream and see her shoes on the shelves in every well-known store. She loves glitter and high heels and her shoes are to die for. I was very surprised that she WAS GOING TO MARRY someone like Dylan. Dylan is a control freak, such a mummy’s boy and total opposite of her.

With the support of her family and her two best friends Brendon and Georgie, she goes on with her life. There is a bar near the place she works and she often sees a very cute guy there that she nicknames Hot Guy. In the past, she had eyes for Dylan only, but maybe, just maybe the Hot Guy might be her destiny. As the story continues, the relationship with The Hot Guy progresses and there are some very hot and steamy sexy scenes between them. However, things from the past keep coming back.

As a character, I’ve found Megan somewhat confusing. On one hand, she is an independent and smart woman (I love her shoe designs), on the other, when things get tough she runs away. She doesn’t face the problems but she runs away and then apologizes. And I am not talking about just for the wedding.

However I totally fell for James aka Hot Guy. He is gorgeous, smart, sensitive, total opposite from Megan’s ex-fiance. He really cares for Megan, respects her privacy and loves her for who she is. A man that every woman could wish for.

Megan’s BFFs are truly amazing too. They are not just best friends, they are like a family, a very unique and special family. Each one of them is likeable and made me laugh and cry couple of times.

The book ends with a cliff hanger, which is understandable as it’s the first one in a series. I would really like to know what happens with Megan and James. The writing style is really good making the book quick and easy to read, but I had the feeling that something was missing. There is romance and drama, all the elements I usually like in a contemporary romance, however I missed the sparkle. Still, an enjoyable summer read and I’ll definitely check out the sequel.


My rating: 6/10




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