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Hey guys,

the day has FINALLY come! It’s my stop on Rosie Nixon’s blog tour for her BRILLIANT and UBER FUN debut, ‘The Stylist’ and I can finally share my review with you guys. As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I absolutely adored it and think that Rosie is exactly what the chick lit scene needed! A fresh new talent but one with so much experience when it comes to fashion and celebrities, I’m absolutely certain you’ll fly through ‘The Stylist’ and giggle all through out. Hope you check it out (don’t make me beg you to read it, OK) and do share your thoughts with me after reading. Would LOVE to discuss it with you. And finally, massive thanks to lovely Cara Frances from MIRA Books UK for my review copy and the chance to be part of this epic blog tour.




I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour + Review: ‘The Stylist’ by Rosie NixonThe Stylist by Rosie Nixon
Series: Amber Green #1
Published by MIRA
Published on 11.2.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 416
Source: Publisher
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A fast-paced, fun-packed rummage through the ultimate dressing up box, THE STYLIST is perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Kinsella.
When Amber Green, a shop assistant in an exclusive London boutique is plucked from obscurity and mistakenly offered a job working with Mona Armstrong, the infamous, jet-setting 'stylist to the stars', she hits the ground running, helping to style some of Hollywood's hottest (and craziest) starlets.

As awards season spins into action Mona is in hot demand and Amber's life turned upside down. Suddenly she catching the attention of two very different suitors, TV producer Rob and Hollywood bad boy rising star Liam. How will Amber keep her head? And what the hell will everyone wear?



How can this be a debut?


Man, this was such an UBER fun and entertaining book! Just like watching your favourite rom com, all snuggled up on the sofa, with a big mug of hot choc (or ice cream, if you’re like me) after a looong working week. It’s so RELAXING, funny, easy to read and you’ll never want to leave Ms Nixon’s fictional world full of glitz and sparkle.

The story follows Amber Green (bit of an unfortunate name) who works at Smith’s though she’s not much of an expert in fashion. She’s the artistic type, who would rather spend hours matching clothes to perfection and making the most interesting shopping window that would attract customers all the way from the other side of the street. She’s doing OK, and though she knows Smith’s is just something till she finds another job (a proper one, as her lawyer mum would say), she enjoys working there and her boss, Jas is really nice and that’s a big plus. But Mona Armostrong, the biggest and most well known British stylist is visiting ready to take some clothes from Smith’s and all of a sudden Amber’s life is changed. One silly mistake turns into a job offer and Amber is soon on her way to la la land as Mona’s assistant, PR and basically everything Mona needs her to be. From her normal life and job she goes to this world full of celebrities who never eat, to a place where the size of your glasses is bigger than the dinner portion as the restaurant. Los Angeles and the Golden Globes, Amber feels like she’s on top of the world. But working for Mona proves to be quite challenging. She’s not that evil, at least not in my opinion, but she’s demanding alright. And seems she’s got only Amber to rely on and she’s on call 24/7. Still, Amber loves it and sees it as a new opportunity to mingle with the famous and there’s FREE champagne everywhere! How cool is that?

Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Oscars… Amber is conquering the world! But fame comes at a price, and soon she’s about to face some problems and will have to save Mona’s reputation on more than several occasions. Not everything that shines is gold or never judge a book by its cover, never have those words been more true. In between working like crazy and feeling like zombie because of lack of sleep, there’s a bit of a romance too (as in every good chick lit book) and involves not one, but TWO sexy guys, Rob the assistant producer and Liam the gorgeous American actor.

I absolutely adored this book! Rosie Nixon is an editor for HELLO! and obviously she’s got tons of experience with fashion, celebrities, gossips and new trends and she puts damn good use of all of it in her dazzling debut. As a reader I felt she’s on a stable ground, writing about what she knows and loves and it definitely made me enjoy the book so much. I was immediately hooked and adored each second of it. I read a proof which is around 400 pages long, but I simply flied though it, it’s such an easy and fun book. Not a single moment was I bored and our heroine, Amber Green is such a hilarious character, I laughed out loud so many times.

Speaking of Amber, she’s truly an amazing character. She might be in the fashion industry, but she’s not air headed and actually, she’s very pleased with the way she is, how she looks and dresses. This is indeed refreshing, as I’ve read tons of chick lits where everything is revolving around how the MC is unsatisfied with her looks. Amber knows who she is, what are her priorities in life and has a brilliant sense of humour. She’s one great chick I would love to hang out with, she seems very relaxed and comfortable in her skin, which is not usually the case with the people in fashion industry.

Fast paced and brilliant humour, ‘The Stylist’ is surely one of the best chick lit debuts I’ve ever read. I can already picture it on the big screen and truly believe it would make a great film. It’s evident Rosie Nixon is an amazingly talented writer and simply a breath of fresh air! She’s EXACTLY what the chick lit scene needed. If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella and Lauren Weisberger, and like books about fashion (with obviously, many references of fashion brands and trends) then this is certainly a book you must not miss out. Rosie Nixon is an author to watch and I’m more than happy to watch this brilliant star shine!




About Rosie Nixon

Rosie Nixon has been joint Editor of HELLO! magazine for the past five years where she relishes the role of hands-on editor with a love of all things celebrity, royal and fashion-related. She previously held senior positions at glossy women's magazines including Grazia, Glamour and Red. In her career she has been lucky enough to attend a multitude of glamorous award ceremonies, premieres and showbiz weddings all around the world. The Stylist is her debut novel.

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  1. Normally I don’t read what’s classified as chick lit, but I do love clothes so I’ll be reading and reviewing this book soon – it sounds like a lot of fun! And something a bit lighter than my usual reads…

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