Book Review: ‘A Question of Betrayal’ by Zoë Miller

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She’s afraid of the future, haunted by the past . . .

Ever since the deaths of her adored parents, Carrie Cassidy has avoided risk and commitment, fearful of bringing something precious into her life only to lose it again. So now she finds herself working in yet another uninteresting job, and the love of her life, who wanted more than she could give, has left her. Will she ever move on?
Then, a mysterious woman visits Carrie and reveals a secret that forces her to delve into her mother’s past. As Carrie learns more about the woman she thought she knew, she finds herself looking at her own life and wondering if she’s living it the way her mother would have wanted her to.
Meanwhile there is someone watching Carrie who would rather the past stay buried . .






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Last year I had the opportunity to read my first Zoë Miller book, ‘A Husband’s Confession’. I remember it was such a wonderful surprise for me and I enjoyed this book thoroughly, so I really couldn’t wait to read her new book. However, if I must compare these two most recent books by Ms Miller, I have to say I enjoyed this one so much more.

‘A Question of Betrayal’ is a wonderful, complex and layered story about some very memorable characters. Told from few point of views in rather short chapters, going back to 1980 and back to today, it’s one of these gripping books that you won’t be able to put down till you’ve come to the last page.

There are two main stories, one about Carrie Cassidy who’s mourning after her parents which she’s lost five years ago and who suddenly discovers some disturbing things about her mother, Sylvie. The second story is connected to her mother, one of her best friends, a gorgeous stranger from Switzerland and one very evil man.

Ms Miller does an amazing work with switching character’s POV and the different times and you won’t be confused even for a second. Following both these stories, no matter how layered they are, is so easy and you’ll be totally invested in both of them.

The characters are simply amazing, beautifully portrayed and they felt too real. I didn’t like Carrie much at the beginning as I couldn’t understand her reasons for not wanting to commit and for closing in inside herself. Her ex-boyfriend Mark seemed like e decent young man who really loved her, so I really couldn’t understand why she thinks they shouldn’t be together. She couldn’t convince me she wasn’t good for him, but anyway I kept on reading till I finally get to know Carrie and understand why she’s built a wall around herself. She feels an awful guilt regarding her parent’s death and for the past five years she’s done nothing but replay those last hugs when she sent them on an adventurous holiday. I would never want to be in Carrie’s shoes and though I never felt that amount of grief in my life (thank god!), I could understand the reasons that are holding her back from enjoying her life.

However, I absolutely loved Luis, from the very first moment he’s introduced. I loved the way he influences people’s lives, inspiring them through his music , and even at tough times his wisdom was simply radiating through the pages and even I as a reader felt it. He’s one of the characters I truly missed after closing the book.

The second character which I loved the most was Beth. The beautiful, fragile Beth who’s Sylvie’s best friend and the daughter of the housekeeper. Fearing I will spoil this book for you, I’ll stop analyzing the characters and let you see for yourself which one will have the biggest impression on you.

There were also few twists that took me totally by surprise.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this book. I was hooked form the very beginning and read the first chapter with tears in my eyes. It’s such a beautiful, poignant story about love, friendship, betrayal and revenge. I really can’t compare Ms Miller’s writing to any of the authors I’ve read so far. She’s certainly a breath of fresh air in the world of women’s fiction, entwining the mystery element to a level of perfection and creating a master piece which will stay with you long after you’ve read it. One of the best books I’ve read this year and totally recommend!


My rating: 9/10




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