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Hi guys,

today I have the pleasure to kick off Abbey Clancy’s blog tour for her super fun debut, ‘Remember My Name’. You all know Abbey as one of the most successful UK models of today, but now you have the chance to see her writing skills too! And let me tell you, Abbey is definitely one mighty package, looks and talent, all in one place. I’d like to thank the amazing guys at Mira, especially lovely Cara for the chance to be part of this brill blog tour and for the review copy (a gorgeous hardback!). Speaking of the hardback, it’s beyond gorgeous and even cheaper than the kindle on amazon, so make sure you grab a copy! Now, without further ado, here’s my review of this super fun debut.

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Remember My Name by Abbey Clancy Blog TourRemember My Name by Abbey Clancy
Published by MIRA
Published on 19.5.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 352
Format: hardback
Source: Publisher
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From the moment Liverpool teenager Jess stars in the school musical, she knows that she’s GOT to be a star. Fast forward a few years and the closest the now 22 year old Jessica has got to stardom is as a children’s entertainer – which is where she meets Jack, uncle to the spoiled 5 year old birthday princess, who spots Jessica’s talent and offers her a job with a record label. But that means that she’ll have to leave her family and her home and move to London – where she quickly finds that the streets aren’t quite paved with gold. And as she spends her days making tea for bitchy PR girls and her nights in a mouldy studio flat, Jessica wonders if leaving Liverpool for London has been a terrible mistake.

Attending an industry party – unfortunately only to serve canapes – Jessica’s fortunes suddenly change when Vogue, the singer due to perform at the event drops out. Before she knows it, Jessica volunteers to stand in and takes centre stage. After a dazzling performance, she is surrounded by people wondering who this amazing new talent is. What’s more, her star turn has been captured by the press and she has become an overnight sensation.

Plunged into the crazy world of glitz and glamour, Jessica’s life is transformed but as her star rises, she loses touch with her roots. Jessica’s teenage dreams of stardom may have come true, but at what cost?

You’ve all probably heard of Abbey Clancy, one of UK’s most successful and in demand models. She’s also a presenter, a mother and wife, and a UK brand ambassador for many top brands of today. As of recently, she’s also an author after publishing her debut ‘Remember My Name’ with MIRA just a few days ago.

Seems like Abbey really has it all, both the looks and the talent. Being a blogger for quite some time and spending most of my free time reading and on sites like Goodreads, amazon and other people’s blogs, I’ve come to realize people have love-hate relationship with books written by celebrities. Some readers would go as far and think most celebrities can’t write and use the services of ghost writers, while others are anxiously expecting to read their books. And there’s also a group of people who never judges beforehand, and I’d like to consider myself as belonging to this group.

Not exactly following Abbey Clancy’s career (as I’m not UK based) I wasn’t aware of her mega success until I started Googling. I was surprised (in a good way) to see she has a really impressive bio and has already achieved so much. The reason why I’m telling you this, is because ‘Remember My Name’ though might not contain autobiographical elements, there are certainly some things which seem similar. Like the fact the main character, Jessica (sometimes with a K instead of C, Jessika) and Abbey Clancy both come from Liverpool. It could be me, but I had the strong impression that a lot of Jessica is based on Abbey herself and her own experience in showbiz. Jessica is the typical girl next door, lovely, charming and full of dreams. She’s got a beautiful voice and dreams of singing in front of a large audience one day. She comes from a normal, middle class family, which has taught her that all good things take a hard work. She’s got no problems with hard work, even if it means wasting her singing talent on Princess home parties, dressed up as Elza and falling in a big puddle of mud after being ‘molested’ by five year olds. However, what she thinks is a disaster turns into her life chance, and she’s ready to grab it by both hands. She’s offered a position in a music company, known for many superstars and talent finds. She’s to move to London and start her work immediately, but instead of singing on a big stage, she gets to make coffees 9-18 h and listen to one of her bosses constantly insulting her for her accent. But God works in mysterious ways, so Jess is given her shot and she sure knew how to seize the moment. A star is born, but what’s the price Jessica (or should I say, JessiKa) is willing to pay for fame?

‘Remember My Name’ was definitely one of these superfun reads you’ll devour in one sitting. Jess is a lovely character many can relate to. A normal girl with big dreams, a bit gullible but hard working. She’s not even aware of all the talent hiding inside of her, but once she becomes a star, seems like everyone wants a piece of her. I guess it’s the truth and in the bio of all celebrities, once they enter the world of showbiz, they’re less perceived as a person and more as a product. Which brings me to the next thing about this book. While it speaks about never letting go of your dreams, it also speaks about all the change you’re to expect once you make it. You change, people around you change, and sometimes the change won’t be a pretty sight. Seems like all of a sudden, you don’t even know who your friends are. You’re surrounded by many, but only few really know you. That’s exactly what happens to Jess!

I really enjoyed ‘Remember My Name’ and Jess got under my skin from the first chapter. I was hoping for more romance, but I was definitely pleased with Daniel and Jack’s role in Jess’ life. Dishy and super powerful Jack or (once) nerdy Daniel, Jess will have to decide. I had my bets on the partner very early on and I was right, but it was predictable (which is not a bad thing for me). Still, I didn’t have any problems with the predictability, however love triangles are not really my cuppa. That’s the only reason for taking down one star, otherwise the rest of it was superb.

If you’re looking for a super fun, light read you’ll devour in couple of hours, look no further! ‘Remember My Name’ is the perfect beach read and the top accessory for spring/summer 2016.



About Abbey Clancy

Liverpool-born Abbey Clancy is one of the UK’s most in demand models. She successfully combines being a wife and mother with her career as a presenter and model. She is a UK brand ambassador for many top brands including Matalan, Reebok and Avon. Abbey is married to Premiership footballer Peter Crouch and has two small daughters.

Remember My Name is her debut novel.

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