Book Review: ‘Real Romance Prompts Book 1’ by Julian Preston

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We all know that writing something is better than writing nothing at all- but why write something random when you could be writing something romantic?
Aimed squarely at aspiring authors of romantic fiction, this book is full of characters, dilemmas and dialogue that will fire your imagination and help you to discover all kinds of new and engaging stories.
Don’t be fooled by the comic tone- this is no ordinary book of prompts.






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First dates, mismatches, disasters. We’ve all been there. I bet many of us can talk for hours about their first dates, about all their expectations, about kissing the frog and then expecting it to turn into Prince Charming. Julian Preston was brave enough to put all those little adventures and misfortunes in dating in a novel. It is very easy for everyone to recognize themselves in some of the dialogues. Julian wrote a fun collection of first-date adventures. Very interesting, brave, original and awesome.


In order not to reveal too much, I’ll just retell some of my favourites.


Don’t ever lie about your name and yourself. It is better not to say anything than lie. You never know when you can accidentally bump into the person you lied. The world is not that big. Emma never expected that her summer fling would become her dream job interviewer. Yay! Goodbye, dream job!

The Hen Party

Don’t drink! I mean, don’t drink too much! You might end up handcuffed to a lamppost on the street, singing in 2.30 am! But, there is always „but“, you might be rescued by a gorgeous stranger. That’s not so bad after all, is it?

If you want something more of these hilarious and very truthful moments, this is the perfect collection of real romance prompts for you. You might recognize yourself in some of the situation or you might learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. Original, funny and such a fast read. Enjoy!


My rating: 7/10




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