Product Review: Bag / Tote – Never Judge a Book by its Movie by Book Lover Gifts

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Hey guys,

today we bring you our very first product review! We are so excited as we’ve never done a product review before, but when I was contacted by lovely Becca from Book Lover Gifts I simply had to accept the challenge! We might have never done a review on a tote bag, however we do own quite a few of them and actually they are sort of an addiction to us. But before I go on with my review, let me introduce you to Book Lover Gifts. It’s an online shop that aims to provide you with all sorts of bookish gifts with a bit of a twist. Among their products you can find loads of adorable things like stationary, bags/totes and scarves, jewellery, mugs, key rings and all sorts of other cute stuff and best of all they are something EVERY booklover would adore. Show your book addiction with pride, either on a mug, a cushion for your sofa, or a gorgeous Jane Austin necklace! Seriously, I want to just spend my whole salary and buy everything from that shop! One of the things which is definitely my fave are the tote bags and I’m thrilled I was sent one for a review. So, without further ado, let me get into details and my thoughts on the quality of ‘Never Judge a Book by its Movie’ tote bag. Firstly, take a good look at how awesome it looks and that magnificent caption!





You love it, don’t you? Yes, just how many times us book addicts have claimed the book was better than the movie?


But what’s so special about this bag, of course besides the fabulous caption we all agree with?


The tote bag is screen printed by hand! This might be something you hear about for the first time, so I’ve done my homework and researched this a bit and found an easy to understand video on this printing technique, so TAKE A LOOK. Wow, seems fascinating and really makes the product so unique!


How many times have you ordered something online ( amazon, bookdepository etc) and had to wait 3 days for the dispatch and 2-3 more weeks till you receive your order? Well, with Book Lover Gifts you don’t need to worry, as they ship internationally and your order will be with you in a VERY short time. They are UK based, and we’re from Macedonia and yet the bag arrived in 5 days! So, BIG PLUS for a speedy and efficient shipping!


The tote arrived wrapped almost as a Christmas gift! The red paper was so gorgeous I almost didn’t want to open it.



SO adorable and even matched my nails! (which is irrelevant, but still..) Then I opened it and it was kind of love at first sight.




GORGEOUS and so handy! The bag is 100% cotton made from high quality, natural cotton and totally environmentally friendly! Another BIG PLUS! When it comes to washing, you should be aware that it should be spot cleaned. However, regular washing is not recommended. Because it’s organic and hasn’t undergone any dying or bleaching, it could shrink if washed. Shrinkage is likely to be up to 6.5%. So, my bookish peeps, no regular washing only spot cleaning. 


I wear the bag every day at work and it’s so big and cosy for all the million papers and files I usually take to work. It’s long straps (70 cm) make it perfect for wearing on your shoulder and I guarantee you everyone will comment how awesome it is.


As Christmas is fast approaching, the products from Book Lover Gifts would make a perfect Christmas gift for your bookish relatives or friends. Of course, you can always pitch the idea too to your loved one and get the coolest Christmas present ever! I already have my eye on couple of pieces from the store. And you know how us book bloggers always do giveaways, well they’d be the coolest prize ever.


My rating: 10/10



You can order the tote for £6.99 here + postage

Check all Book Lover Gifts products on their site, facebook and twitter


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3 responses to “Product Review: Bag / Tote – Never Judge a Book by its Movie by Book Lover Gifts

  1. Ooooo wow! This looks super cute and that price is AMAZING. Uh oh, I have a feeling I’m going to want everything from their site…dare I look?!

    • thischickreads

      I KNOW! I spent a good hour browsing their products and totally love everything! The bag is brilliant, top quality & certainly stands out because of that fab caption.

  2. Why do I get the feeling my bank balance is not going to like me clicking that link? But that bag is so cool (definitely want) and sounds like they are a really good company getting going there. Loved the review!

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