Book Review: ‘Nothing But Trouble’ by Matt Cain

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Lola Grant is the hottest pop star in Britain and she’s about to go global. But behind the music, her addiction to bad boys is taking her personal life in a dangerous direction. When it comes to men, Lola just can’t stay away from trouble – and her self-control is pushed to the limit when she meets her handsome new drummer Jake Hunter.
Looking out for Lola is her best friend and manager Harvey Sparks. But Harvey’s fighting his own demons and can only watch from the sidelines as the star he helped create begins to fall. When Lola seeks comfort in a life of wild partying, she meets good-hearted showbiz reporter Freddy Jones, a man who may just be able to offer her a way out.
But as she starts rehearsals for her Trouble tour, Lola finds herself faced with an even bigger threat. And unless someone can get through to her before opening night, she’s in danger of losing everything she fought so hard for – in full view of the whole world.






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‘Nothing But Trouble’ is Matt Cain’s second novel and a great beach read. It follows Lola Grant, a famous UK pop singer, ready to conquer the world. As we see Lola on the stage, touring in UK and Europe, and back stage with her band and backing vocals, we get a glimpse of what it really feels like to be a mega star. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found these stories about real life and fictional celebrities so fun and even fascinating. On the surface, they seem perfectly happy and successful, but obviously their life is not as pink as we think it is. Working under great pressure, hanging around people who are only interested in using them for their own benefits, being the centre of attention even when they just want to chill out like any other person.

I personally would never want to be in Lola’s shoes. Despite her huge success, she’s under the influence of so many people, meeting and being in a relationship with so many ‘tramps’, as she calls them. It’s a LOT to take and I applaud to anyone who can expose themselves to the public like this. But I guess fame is sweet, but it also comes with a price.

This book definitely had its good moments, but there were also some things I didn’t really enjoy. While Mr Cain definitely succeeded in portraying Lola like a normal human being, not a Diva as we would assume due to her great achievements in the music industry, she had its dark moments. I know this is perfectly normal and we all have our dark sides, but my main problem and reason why I couldn’t relate to Lola to the extent I wanted to, was her indecisiveness when it came to men. She’s well aware of the type of men she’s not supposed to date for her own good, and yet she’s constantly saying one thing and doing the very opposite. I would respect her more if she sticks to the promises she makes and not use them just to write the lyrics for her next hit. This was my main trouble with the book, it drained me to see her constantly switching moods and not being able to make up her mind about her partners. She’s torn between the good and the bad guy, Freddy or Jack, one treating her like a Queen and the other like trash. As I woman I can understand the appeal of a ‘bad boy’, but she should have backed off when she saw the really ugly side of Jack, and that happens pretty early on.

While I liked Freddy, I personally didn’t find him that interesting of a character, except that he is respectful to Lola and has a crush on her. However, I didn’t feel that strong chemistry or great love he’s supposedly feeling for her. I don’t know, maybe I’ve missed something though I doubt it, but I just wasn’t convinced he was madly in love with Lola.

However, there’s one particular character I really really liked and that was Harvey, Lola’s manager who really made the whole story much better. He’s not the usual manager, interested in draining the last penny out of Lola, but on the contrary, he’s genuinely worried about her and her well being. He’s the type of friend we’d all like to have in our lives, and is the most mature character in this book, who’s actually speaking reasonably.

Despite not being blown away by Lola, I really loved the fact Mr Cain included a bit of Lola’s history and difficult childhood, growing up with a mother who was a drug addict. This didn’t seem pathetic at all, but made Lola a survivor and a winner in my eyes. I also like the fact we see the fabulously looking, posh side of a star, but also the ugly side and all the side effects such fame can bring. I loved reading about Harvey’s past, and how he manages to pull out of a bad habit, this only making him much stronger in my eyes (though I loved him since the beginning of the story).

Overall, ‘Nothing But Trouble’ is an interesting, fun, beach read you can certainly read in a day or two (despite being a rather big book). It’s about fame, rivalry, the good and the poor choices we make in life. It’s just the type of book you need for your holidays, so sit back, grab a cocktail or two and enjoy!


My rating: 7/10



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