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Hiya amigas and amigos,

We’re couple of days late with this post, but you know what they say, Better late than never:) So, I assume some of you heard of this event (the twitterville has been buzzing about it in the last couple of weeks) and some of you are maybe even taking part. But to those of you who are not familiar with it, here’s a short intro. #NetGalleyMonth is the idea of lovely Tay from chicksthatread and is an event that is happening throughout September. It’s basically a fun way to work on that NetGalley ratio (the one which most of us suck at), raise it as high as possible and get approved for more awesome titles in the future and HAVE FUN! The TBR list is something most of us bloggers fear of even looking at, we get loads of requests and books straight from the publishers/authors, however our fingers are quite fast in hitting that REQUEST button on NetGalley too. So, we end up with  a very poor ratio, but the NetGalley month is a great way to improve it (even if for just few %). So, This Chick Reads signed up and is very excited about September. We aim to read/review these titles

Haunted Ever After by Juliet Madison
Written in the Stars by Ali Harris
The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff
One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

However, we hope we’ll be able to review more than these. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Some very awesome bloggers are taking part too and also, there’s a fantastic giveaway (thanks to Tay). So, make sure you don’t miss it out & work baby, work on that NG ratio!

Cheerio lovelies!
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