Book Review: ‘Love Muffin and Chai Latte’ by Anya Wylde

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Tabby believes she has found the one in Chris. Chris appears to think the same for he pops the question, and soon Tabby finds herself engaged.

Tabby thinks her biggest problem is picking out the wedding dress and refining the dinner menu. Chris begs to differ. He thinks her biggest problem is convincing his wealthy grandfather that she is perfect for the family or he risks losing a big fat inheritance.

Convincing his grandfather turns out to be more complicated than she anticipates. For one, he wants her to seek the blessings of his spiritual adviser. The trouble is . . . his adviser lives in India.

So, for the sake of love, Tabby journeys into the heart of India and battles monkeys, crooks, Delhi belly and the advisor himself in order to win over Chris’s family.

But while she is trying to make sense of an exotic new world, she begins to wonders why her heart beats madly for a man who is not her fiancé but his very handsome cousin….






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What happens when an author of regency romance decides to dive into the world of modern chick-lit? A hilarious romcom that you won’t be able to put down.

Meet Tabby. Young woman with a heart of gold, but very unfortunate in life. She is so unfortunate that she even swallows her engagement ring hidden in a muffin. But wait until she meets her fiancé’s family. Chris is an Indian from a very wealthy family and respects his family very much. To marry Tabby, he has to earn the respect of the grandfather. But he is not just gaining his respect, he’s also one step closer to inheriting his money. The grandfather owns a toothpick factory and he is very rich, so rich that he controls the lives of all members of his family. He has the last say for everything, including if Tabby as a suitable bride for his grandson. But Tabby is so clumsy, she seems to do everything wrong. The family takes her on a trip to India, but what starts as fun turns into a trip from hell. Luckily for her, her future sister-in-law Maya is there. They both need each others help. Tabby, to get the grandfather’s approval, and Maya to escape the arranged marriage without losing grandfather’s respect. While Tabby and Chris’ relationship is shaking, his gorgeous cousin Dev acts like the knight in shining armour. Who will win Tabby’s heart?

If you want a good laughter, than this is perfect for you. I even imagined Tabby as the female version of Mr Bean. She is the most clumsy person I’ve ever met. She has a heart of gold and hates seeing other people suffer. She always has good intensions, but the final outcome is always a disaster. Her accidents made me laugh all the time while reading the book.

Her fiancé Chris is a different story. He seems to love her just the way she is, but soon we find out that his grandfather’s money are more important to him. It seems that he wants to be married just for the sake of it. He always tells her what to wear, what to order, how to behave. And Tabby accepts that because she thinks that he cares for her and he is the only one who does. But does he truly love her?

His sister Maya is the rebel of the family. She loves jeans and make-up and wants to be a fashion designer. But when it comes to grandpa’s money everyone tucks the tail. I loved how rebellious she was.

Will Tabby finally find the man of her dreams? And finally find the luck she deserves? Is Chris her true soul mate? Join this girl who loves muffins and chai latte on the greatest adventure in her life. And cross the fingers, by the way.

So, curl up on the sofa and enjoy this humorous romcom that will take you on a journey from America, across England to India. The author’s humour is fresh and there were many laugh out loud scenes. Hope you enjoy it!


My rating: 8/10







Anya Wylde lives in Ireland along with her husband and a fat French poodle (now on a diet). She can cook a mean curry, and her idea of exercise is occasionally stretching her toes. She holds a degree in English literature and adores reading and writing.



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  1. I wasn’t sure on this one looking at the title for some reason but the review makes it sound like a must read, definitely yet another to add to my TBR list. I love the sound of the character of Maya as well – everyone loves a rebel. x

  2. Charlene A.

    This looks like a fun “romp” as they say! Great review – I agree with others that it was the title that drew me in (you had me at Latte!).

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