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Happy Monday, peeps! Hope you’re all having a brilliant start of the new week. However, if you had a bad start, I got something to cheer you up or make Monday more bearable. Yes, another blog tour this time with lovely, hilarious and simply AMAZING Laura Kemp. Laura’s signed a deal with Aria, the new digital imprint from Head of Zeus and is releasing her new novel, THE LATE BLOSSOMING OF FRANKIE GREEN this Wednesday (1st of June). I have the absolute honour to kick off Laura’s blog tour with a review for her new release and feature her once again on my little blog with a guest post. Make sure you visit the other tour hosts for more reviews, Q & As with Laura and all things #FrankieGreen. Off we gooooo!



I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green Blog Tour + Guest Post from Laura KempThe Late Blossoming of Frankie Green by Laura Kemp
Published by Aria
Published on 1.6.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 313
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley
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A laugh-out-loud, feel good, romantic comedy, which will take you on an enlightening emotional rollercoaster. Perfect for the fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jane Costello.

Frankie Green's happy ever after is put on hold when her childhood sweetheart husband complains things are boring in bed.

When he asks for some space, she sets out to win him back by getting herself a sex education.

Little does she know that her hilarious, tender and embarrassing journey of enlightenment is going to change everything...

A story full of humour, heartache and happiness, of friendship, coming of age and overcoming insecurity.



‘The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green’ is the latest release by Laura Kemp and one I’ve been so excited to read. Ever since I’ve heard about it and read the blurb, I knew I simply had to read it. It sounded like something I would definitely enjoy and promised loads of belly laughs. As you see I really had high expectations and good vibes for this book and I’m so glad I was not wrong. Laura Kemp delivered and made me enjoy every second of it.

Frankie Green is the typical domestic type of woman. She loves spending time with her husband and the love of her life, she’s not that experienced at bed, doesn’t feel comfortable experimenting and likes living a predictable life. However, Jason seems to want more out of life, and more out of Frankie as a matter of fact. In his own words ‘he wants to live a little’ and explore the world and all the possibilities out there. Maybe they were too young when they got together, maybe they should have experience more in life before settling down. Jason feels it’s only right for them to separate and discover if there’s anything more to life than watching TV shows and have sex (missionary style only) once a week. Frankie on the other hand doesn’t need the change, she’s rather pleased with her life just the way it is. However, Jason doesn’t leave her much of a choice but to accept his decision. Her friend, Em suggests she needs to spice things up by serving Jason his own medicine, and getting a sex education. Once he realizes what he’s missing out on and how Frankie’s improved her …ummm.. skills, he’ll be definitely back begging to be with her. And what starts as a crazy idea, turns into sort of a mission for Frankie, and a way to win back her man.

Doesn’t it sound hilarious? However, don’t be tricked by the title, because as much as we follow Frankie’s story, her friends’ (Em and Letty’s) are equally as important. Em is climbing the corporate ladder and having a baby from a man she doesn’t even date is the last thing she needs. Letty is ambitious and a real man eater. Falling in love is definitely not on her schedule and so is not getting into so much debt. Told from their POVs, we follow these young women’s lives and everything they are going through. There’s loads of drama and laughing while ‘the sisters are doing it for themselves’. Neither of them expects their lives to change so much, but they sure do their best to make a bloody brilliant lemonade when life gives them lemons.

As much as I loved these three girls, the character who simply blew me away was Floyd, Em’s brother and Frankie’s sex teacher. He was simply hilarious and such a great guy. I got the impression everyone feels comfortable around him, he’s just so easy going, never judging and always seeing the glass as half full. I did like Em and Letty’s stories, but I simply couldn’t wait to get to Frankie’s part and see what sex Guru, Floyd had in store for Frankie.

The only reason why I’m giving it 4 instead of the max 5 stars is because I really wish Em and Letty’s stories were as exciting as Frankie’s. While they sure bring loads to the story, they could’ve easily be side characters while the story was fully focused on Frankie. Still, I truly admired their relationship and the whole BFF thing, sharing their highs and lows, advising each other and being each other’s big support.

If you’re a fan of chick lit and rom coms, you definitely should add this book to your (I know, never ending) TBR piles. And even if you’re not, I know you will probably need some good, light and super fun summer reads for your holidays, so strongly advise you to grab it on time.





Frankie – Oh, Frankie! She’s our heroine, the dependable mate you think is lovely and sunny and sorted. She’s the type who irons her matching white bra and knickers and always has the same thing when she goes out to eat.

But she gets the shock of her life when her childhood sweetheart husband Jason produces a pair of handcuffs in bed and tells her ‘things have become too predictable’ between them. He asks for some space and she yearns to win him back – and accidentally embarks on an awkward, hilarious yet tender sex education. With one of her best mate’s brothers, Floyd, which they need to keep secret.

A mobile hairdresser, she thinks herself safe and sensible but when she lets go, it becomes a journey of empowering self-discovery.

Cardiff-born and bred, her homeliness is down to her mum walking out on her and her dad when she was growing up – she stayed with her father and they have the closest of relationships.

But she finds out her parents’ split wasn’t down to the black-and-white reasons she’d always blamed. Oh, and she’s got a psychic cat named after her fave actor, Leonardo di Catprio.


Emma – Got a problem, Em will try to fix it. She’s the rational one, who loves order and straight lines.

Inexperienced in love, she falls for a guy at work – the equally geeky Simon Brown – and becomes pregnant on a one-night-stand. The trouble is, he’s complicated. And her quest is whether she can survive in a world of nuance and emotion, both of which are alien to her way of thinking.

A career woman, she’s going places at the supermarket where she works. The manager’s job comes up and she goes head to head with the man of her dreams – who turns into a nightmare.

She has hippy parents, who moved to Wales to live The Good Life, and a brother, Floyd, who got all the touchy-feely genes.


Letty – If you need cheering up, Letty is the go-to girl who is full of life and loyalty. Always posting photos on Instagram and possesses enough rampant rabbits to do an x-rated remake of Watership Down.

After a series of doomed relationships and missed opportunities at the PR company where she works because she’s judged as a busty air-head, she is determined to update her status from sex-mad siren to grown up.

But the bloke she’s in love with – an Adonis of a personal trainer from Australia called Lance Boddy – has a girlfriend and a baby. So when he leaves them for her, real life barges in.

The other fly in the lubricant is her creep of a boss. But Letty is savvy and switched on and she comes up with a plan to get revenge.

She’s got Spanish roots but grew up a Valleys girl – a potent mix of flashing eyes, big heart and an even bigger gob.


Jason – Frankie’s husband is a decent guy but he’s having a crisis. He wonders if they got together too young and have missed out on things. There’s got to be more to life than choosing tiles at the weekend, right?

He thinks the grass could be greener out there. But he discovers taking the leap is not exactly a bed of roses.

He’s a buff scaffolder who is handsome and easy-going – not that the psychic cat likes him.


Floyd – Funny, experienced, together, emotional but a bit of a buffoon at times, he’s trying to get over his beautiful ex Sasha, who left him to go travelling to ‘find herself’.

By day, he’s an in-house counsellor at a big legal firm. By night, he is Frankie’s sex teacher, who takes it all very seriously – apart from when he’s cracking a joke.

When his ex comes home, he finds himself unravelling. Six-foot-plus tall, make that enormous, he has a hipster beard, cool glasses, plays for a gay football team and drives a Ford Cortina.



About Laura Kemp

Laura Kemp writes tender but hilarious romantic comedies which are unashamed love letters to the everywoman.
Her uplifting message - based on the notion that everything is research apart from the rude bits - is 'You Don't Know How Brilliant You Are!'.
A journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sun amongst others, she is married with a son in Cardiff, where she pretends to be a domestic revolutionary so she doesn't have to do the ironing. Laura runs to eat crisps and drink wine, adores her mates and loves her dog, Lego and sweary cross-stitch.
What they say about Laura's books...
Fresh, so very real and funny - Best-selling author Milly Johnson
Fantastically funny - Allison Pearson, I Don't Know How She Does It
Brilliantly funny - Fiona Gibson, Mum on the Run author
Witty, brilliantly written - Fabulous mag
Funny and poignant - The Sun
Funny and gutsy - Sainsbury's mag

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