Guest Post: Lark Rise to Candleford meets The Thorn Birds by Wendy Lou Jones

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Today I have the pleasure to welcome Wendy Lou Jones to my blog with a short piece on her new book ‘Finding Sarah’. Wendy Lou is the author of several contemporary romances, all published by Harper Impulse. ‘Finding Sarah’ is the first novel in a new series, Echoes of Nutt Hill and was published by Pronoun last month. If you want to check it out, make sure you get it while it’s a bargain, just 99p/99c on amazon. Many thanks to lovely Wendy Lou for visiting my blog today and to you guys, for reading!




Lark Rise to Candleford meets The Thorn Birds 


Nutt Hill is the home of Margaret Pemberton, a matriarch of the community. She is in love with love and when Sarah, a broken woman, arrives in her household, she sets about making her well. But Sarah has a challenging past to deal with before she can find her happily-ever-after and more than one fight on her hands. The question is, is she strong enough to make it?

Nick is seeking sanctuary in a small country village. His world is sterile, but about to break. What is it that’s holding him back and preventing him forming attachments to somebody else? Only those very close to him will find out.

This is the first book set in Lower Nutton, the village at the foot of Nutt Hill. It’s a rural setting, in an old fashioned village, where community matters and voices are heard.

In writing these stories, I took a lot of the setting from the countryside around me; the rest of it is fiction. The setting I see out of my window every day. The ploughing match, featured early on in the story is a real thing. Townies probably won’t know this, I didn’t before I moved out here, but it is real and happening today. I should know; I won a prize at it one year. #OnlyClaimToFame!

They are stories about ordinary people and the choices they make and how those choices determine their lives. I would love you to join in community and cheer on our heroes with me.




Guest Post: Lark Rise to Candleford meets The Thorn Birds by Wendy Lou JonesFinding Sarah by Wendy Lou Jones
Series: Echoes of Nutt Hill #1
Published on 25.2.2016
Genres: contemporary romance, women's fiction
Pages: 256
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It must have been Fate calling her to Nutt Hill...
Sarah is starting over. With her children now grown and an empty marriage bed, she picks herself up and moves to the village of Lower Nutton. But a wager turns her head and a kiss in a storm wakens feelings long ago forgotten and the game is on to find out who the man could be.
Nick has found control, hiding from life in a sleepy rural village, until Sarah arrives on the scene and his sterile cocoon begins to shatter.
She is the flotsam of a broken marriage; he is a man of the cloth and in a small rural village, nothing stays private for long...




About Wendy Lou Jones

Wendy Lou Jones was born in West Sussex, England, where she enjoyed a happy childhood filled with guinea pigs and fun. Later, she moved to Birmingham to study Medicine at University and was lucky enough to meet her husband. They now live in a little village in Herefordshire with their two grubby boys and some fish.
She discovered her love of writing not long after her youngest son started school. And if you were to ask her what it was that made her make the switch, she’d tell you quite simply that it started with a dream.

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