Guest Post: ‘Casting the Movie Version of Ruby’ by Samantha Bohrman

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Today we have the pleasure to welcome Samantha Bohrman to This Chick Reads. Samantha made her debut on the chick lit scene in July this year, by releasing her novel ‘Ruby’s Misadentures with Reality’. We’d like to thank Samantha for joining us today and hope you all enjoy her post.







My book, Ruby’s Misadentures with Reality, came out on July 14th. Ananda was kind enough to let me do a post. Because I haven’t done a “casting my book” post yet, I decided to do just that.

Ruby’s the kind of girl who would go into the beauty salon intending to get a bob and come out with pink hair extensions. She’s fun-loving and filled with infectious joy, but poised for disaster at every turn because she’s taken an outrageous risk she didn’t consider. At the same time, she’s smart. She went to law school and makes surprisingly astute comments now and then, not to mention her uncanny mystery solving.  In my mind, I see her as Emma Stone. But then again, what movie wouldn’t Emma Stone be perfect in? She is so friggin adorable. Jessica Chastain would also make an adorable Ruby.

Noel West is Ruby’s romantic lead. He’s handsome, rich, and dreamy, oh my! To Ruby, he’s perfect, but Ruby is also an idiot when it comes to men. If she sees someone with the basic dimensions of Mr. Right, she assumes he’s Prince Charming. She’s like, Side part, check. Good posture, check. Comes with Barbie Dreamhouse and Convertible, check! Ruby’s probably the only person on the planet who would be convinced that Freddie Prinze Jr. looked like a dream boat as Fred in Scooby Doo. It still pains me to see Freddie Prinze in that horrible blonde wig.

Ruby might be fooled by Freddie Prinze in a blonde wig, but I am not. I gave her someone really good. For the part of Noel, I am casting Matt Bomer. He looks like the perfect, all-American, straight-from-a-Polo-ad kind of guy. Because I just saw Magic Mike XXL I also know that Matt Bomer can sing. Knowing this fact, I would insist on having a karaoke scene in the movie.  I want Matt Bomer to sing to me.


Ruby’s best friend, Ming Wu, could be played by Eva Huang. Ming is a badass scientist who abandons her chemistry career to design mind-blowing, technologically advanced bras. Ruby’s legal office is located directly above Ming’s lingerie store, LA Tits. Ruby didn’t consider the professionalism of that location before signing the lease. Ming’s the smartest one in the book. She enjoys watching everyone else flail through life around her.


Finally, Liam Hemsworth would play the bum living on Ruby’s couch, Todd. He would have to stretch his acting skills by looking scruffy and acting stoned all the time. Or he could play the hot nordic cop. Basically, I just want him in the movie.

Now, that I’ve cast the book, someone needs to make the movie. Even if nothing else came together, the cast is so good looking, I would pay to see them play cards for ninety minutes.






Shortly after graduating from law school, Samantha had three children and began writing books. She never looked back, but she suspects her husband has. You can often find her in the aisles of Target looking at scarves and forgetting to buy broccoli and eggs. If it’s a good day she’ll be holding a latte. If it’s not, try not to stare. Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality is her first book, though hopefully not her last.



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