Guest Post: Why we shouldn’t feel guilty for reading by Liza Hoeksma

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Today we welcome Liza Hoeksma to our blog. Liza is the author of ‘More Than Enough’ which was published in March this year. We’d like to thank Liza for joining us today and hope you enjoy her post.







Ever feel guilty about how much time you spend reading? Don’t! Here are five reasons why reading is good for you:


It gives our brain a rest

Multitasking has become a way of life and research says people look at something new on their smart phones every six seconds. Even when we’re trying to relax we often end up ‘watching’ TV while actually checking what’s happening on FB, catching up on emails or texting friends. When we’ve got a book in our hands, it’s a different story (forgive the pun!). Reading doesn’t allow us to multitask so we have to focus and our minds get to think about just one thing for a change. As an added bonus we get to exchange all the stuff that’s going on in our own lives and escape into another world for a while. It’s the perfect antidote to our crazy multitasking culture and bliss for our over-loaded brains.


It builds empathy

Reading helps us understand someone else’s journey. It takes us to places we’ve never been, allows us to get inside the minds of the opposite sex, people older and younger than us, those from different cultures or different times, people with opposite beliefs to our own and plenty more. We travel, we learn, we connect and with each book we can discover just a little more about what life might be like for someone else.


It improves our vocabulary and grammar

When the FBI trains agents to spot fraudulent notes, they give them real ones to study because the more you see the real thing, the easier it is to spot a fake. The same principle applies when we’re reading:  the more well-written books we read, the more we know how language is supposed to work and the easier we find it to get the right sentence structure and to use the correct grammar. So technically reading is like being part of an English lesson and who would ever feel guilty for learning?!


It’s crazy cheap entertainment

Even a hardback book costs less than the price of a cinema ticket (and you usually watch a film in the half the time you read a book). Never has reading been more affordable than now with so amazing deals on eBooks, plus there are always good old charity shops, libraries and the bookshelves of friends to help feed our habits when our bank accounts are low.


It reminds us we’re not alone

Anyone else ever read a book and thought ‘Wow! It’s not just me!’? We all need a sense of belonging, a reassurance that there’s a place for us, that we’re not alone and that others have experienced the same things as us and had the same questions and issues that we’ve had. Books help us connect with characters we can identify with and that can be a source of great comfort.


So what more reason do we need to let go of our guilt and fully embrace the joy of reading?!





Liza’s first novel More Than Enough is out now and was recently voted ‘Mumsnet Best’ by Mumsnet readers. She lives in Hertfordshire, works part-time for a charity, can easily lose hours on Pinterest and spends much of her life helping people spell and pronounce her Dutch surname (think Hook-smar).



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6 responses to “Guest Post: Why we shouldn’t feel guilty for reading by Liza Hoeksma

  1. A great post, not that I need any excuses to read, but reading these reasons will just make it even better. So I’m helping my brain by reading? I’m off to get another book! Thanks, love it.

  2. So many great reasons to read! At the book club I go to we did a book swap which gave us even more excuse to read – then we can eat cake and discuss the books we’ve read! It is so good to feel you are not alone once you’ve read a book that ‘gets it’. Off I go to read instead of do the ironing…

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