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Hi guys,

today I have the pleasure to kick off the blog tour for an AMAZING author I love! I’m talking about Jon Rance, one of the best male rom com authors IMHO and his latest book, DAN AND NAT GOT MARRIED which is out today! Jon’s humour is so fresh and so authentic, I can promise you his books are one of a kind! If you don’t believe me, just check me gushing in my review of his Christmas novella, A Nothing Hill Christmas. This is not only my fave Jon Rance’s work (have still to read his new book) but the best novella I’ve ever read! Due to personal issues which needed my full attention, I haven’t managed to read Jon’s new book, however I do promise I will soon. So stay tuned for that! In the mean time, read Jon’s guest piece on (of course!) Dan & Nat! Make sure you download a copy of this book for just 99p/99c! I’m telling you it’s a steal!



DAN AND NAT GOT MARRIED – Guest post from Jon Rance


Hello! Thanks so much for having me on publication day for my new novel, Dan And Nat Got Married. I’m super excited for the release of my fifth novel – I can’t believe I’m on five already –  and eager to share some information about it with you. So here goes, Dan And Nat Got Married.

As this is the first blog on my blog tour, I’m going to start by writing a bit about what the book is about and where the idea came from. My last novel, Sunday Dinners, was a family comedy/drama, which I loved, but I knew I wanted to write something very different for my next book. I decided right away that I wanted to write a proper romantic comedy. I’ve always loved romantic comedies, but I’ve never really set out to write one. So for purposes of research – honestly, it’s tough work – I watched all of my favourite rom com films from, ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ to ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and read some of my favourite rom com novels. I read and watched as much as I could about the romantic comedy genre. It’s incredible how many hours you can lose to YouTube if you aren’t careful. One thing was certain though. I had to find an original story to tell.

The traditional romantic comedy usually has a very basic premise: Will they get together? And the answer 99.9% of the time is yes. So I wanted to play with this a bit and so I decided to write a story with the question: Will they stay together? I wanted to write the story about what happens after the big kiss at the end of the story. I also knew that I wanted my lead characters to meet and get together in a unique way. After spending a lot of time thinking about this – and watching more YouTube videos – the idea came to me. What if you woke up in Las Vegas after a drunken night out married to a complete stranger?

There’s an obvious answer to this question. You leave, never see them again and get divorced as quickly and as painfully as you can. You pretend it never happened. But that wouldn’t be much of a book, would it? The hardest part of the novel for me was giving them both believable reasons for taking such a huge leap of faith. So as the book evolves we learn how much both of them have been hurt in love and begin to understand each of their motives for wanting this relationship to work. Of course, as soon as they begin to really fall in love, there’s a huge spanner in the works and that’s when it really gets complicated.

I was really interested in the idea that there are so many ways we can meet, fall in love, and make marriage work. Some couples spend years together, have long engagements, the big wedding, and it still doesn’t work out. Other people meet, get married quickly, and it’s perfect. There’s no right or wrong way to fall in love. I explore this idea in the book and I think it’s this tension of them trying to get to know each other while technically being married that gives the book a lot of its humour and romance.


I think, for me at least, something every romantic comedy needs is a great supporting cast and I’ve really tried to give this book one. I think the very best and funniest rom coms have hilarious friends and family – think Bryn, Smithy and Nessa in Gavin and Stacey or Rhys Ifans as Spike in Notting Hill – because they give the story the most humour. The main characters often supply the biggest amounts of romance and emotional depth, while we rely on the supporting cast to really hit us with the humour. In Dan And Nat Got Married, we have Dan and Nat’s best friends, Adam and Ellie. I loved writing these two so much and I think they do steal a lot of scenes in the book. They also have their own little love story and my early readers have already asked if they’re going to have their own spin-off book. You never know, it might happen one day!

The last thing I want to talk about is the setting. Dan and Nat is set against the backdrop of London. I love London. It’s my favourite city in the world and it definitely has its very own sense of romance. I’ve heard the expression before that a setting, a place, is another character in a story and this is definitely the case with Dan And Nat Got Married. Before I started writing the book I made a list of my favourite and most romantic places in London and I tried to use them all in the book. From Notting Hill to the Southbank to Soho and Primrose Hill, they’re all in there and I think London definitely adds something special to the book. It’s also why it’s on the cover!

So this is Dan And Nat Got Married. It’s funny, romantic, and real. It’s marriage in all its glory laid bare because at the end of the day, love and marriage doesn’t begin and end with “I do”. It’s what happens next that’s the really interesting bit! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. It’s been an absolute pleasure.



Dan And Nat Got Married by Jon Rance Blog TourDan And Nat Got Married by Jon Rance
Published on 4.10.2016
Genres: rom com, humor
Pages: 316
Format: e-book
Buy on amazon.co.uk or Buy on amazon.com

The British romantic comedy you need to read this year.

From the bestselling author of This Thirtysomething Life, Happy Endings and Sunday Dinners, comes a brilliantly funny romantic comedy, perfect for fans of Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones.

Marriage can be difficult. Especially when you've only just met. Meet Dan Fox, 34, an online marketing manager from Clapham, who was jilted at the altar two years ago by the love of his life and hasn’t dated since.

Nat Howard, 32, is living back at home with her parents in Dorking after her perfect boyfriend dumped her and she had to move out of his bespoke flat in Putney.

On separate Stag and Hen weekends in Las Vegas, Dan and Nat wake up married. Both too drunk to remember what happened, they return to England and try to get on with their lives. But there was something about Nat that makes the usually cautious Dan think they should give their marriage a go. Nat’s still in love with her Ex, but maybe Dan can help mend her broken heart.

Can marriage between two relative strangers really work? And when Nat's ex-boyfriend - the gorgeous Charlie - comes back into her life, she must decide - something old or something new?

Set in London, Dan And Nat Got Married, is a funny and full of heart modern romantic comedy about marriage, relationships, and giving love a second chance.



About Jon Rance

Jon Rance is the author of the novels: This Thirtysomething Life (which became a top ten Kindle best seller), Happy Endings, and, This Family Life. He’s also the author of the short story prequel, This Twentysomething Life. His latest novel, Sunday Dinners, will be out in late October.

Jon studied English Literature at Middlesex University, London, before going travelling and meeting his American wife in Australia. Jon loves comedy (especially sitcoms), the films of Richard Curtis, travelling and tea. He’s almost forty, which is a terrifying time, so his books might get a bit edgier and possibly angrier when it finally happens.

Jon writes comedy fiction similar to the work of Mike Gayle, Matt Dunn and Nick Spalding. One day he hopes to write an International best seller so he can afford to keep writing for a living. So please keep buying his books.


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