Book Review: The Whispers: A Whispers Story (The Whispers, #1) by Lisa Unger

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Eloise Montgomery discovers her amazing gift in the wake of tragedy in this first of three captivating e-shorts from award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.

It’s a day like any other for Eloise Montgomery—until tragedy strikes. While she is recovering from a horrible accident that takes the lives of her husband and oldest daughter, and as she works to help her younger daughter move forward, Eloise experiences her first psychic vision. Though she struggles to understand her newfound gifts, Eloise finds a way use them to save lost women and girls—for whom her help may be the only way out…

From an author whose “gripping narrative and evocative, muscular prose” (Associated Press) have won her critical acclaim comes The Whispers: a story that delves deep into the human psyche and the mind of one unforgettable heroine.


*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I was introduced to Lisa Unger’s work when I read ‘In The Blood’ earlier this year, which is absolutely THE BEST thriller I’ve ever read. Even months after reading that book and few more thrillers in the mean time, ‘In The Blood’ still remains high on pedestal for me and don’t think I will read a book in the near future that will top it. When I found out Lisa Unger was publishing a series of novellas, I was sooo excited. I think all her previous works have been full length novels, so, I was really interested to see if Lisa will manage to create a creepy, gripping atmosphere in so little pages (as obviously is not hard for her to do that in her longer works).

I was over the moon to be approved for the first two parts in the series by Lisa’s publishers on NetGalley, and started reading immediately. I must say, though I will review them separately, that I enjoyed this part much more than I enjoyed the second one. The Whispers is a great mixture of mystery and paranormal, something I haven’t read in quite some time. I used to read more paranormal back in the days when vampires, witches, angels were a hit, but rarely do these days. So, in a way, this story felt refreshing and stepping out of my comfort zone. It tells the story of Eloise Montgomery, whose older daughter and husband die in a car accident. As expected, a lot of things change for Eloise and her younger daughter, who even stops talking due to the shock. Now, reading these pages after the accident hit me so hard and I even had teary eyes. I loved the way Lisa created this wonderful family and I sure loved Eloise’s daughters and their normal, every day fights. They felt believable and really looked like a real, normal family. After the accident, Eloise starts experiencing some psychic visions, which of course freaks her out.

Now, while I loved the beginning of the story, and those strong, powerful emotions the accident got out of me, sadly the paranormal element didn’t work for me. I somehow felt the story is too slow, and not what I expected it to be. Eloise seems like a great character, but while I strongly sympathized with her, I can’t say I think she’s a strong character. Of course, she’s coping with the effects of the accident as best as she can, but I expected her to be more..I don’t know, kickass heroine.

Overall, an interesting mix of mystery and paranormal, still I expected much more.


My rating: 6/10


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