Book Review: ‘Gut Feeling’ by Victoria Browne

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Ashleigh Lands is a twenty six year old dental nurse, who after meeting Dave Croft, a gorgeous twin, finds herself in an impossible dilemma. Living in the heart of London, Ashleigh and her group of friends find themselves in numerous situations, parties, traumas and sexual experiences. With Ashleigh’s love cheat lawyer ex-boyfriend Lee Preston pulling on her heart strings Ashleigh goes on holiday to Ibiza with the girls; Rachel a buyer for a large child’s clothing company and also Ashleigh’s best friend. Beautiful Jules who works for a well-known magazine company. And Gemma a house wife who has just found out her husband was sleeping with his personal trainer. Ibiza brings the girls new friends along with love and loss. Whilst the girls are away Dave has an unwanted sexual encounter. Ashleigh returns home only to have her life thrown into turmoil. “But I heard it with my own ears”. Must be true then? ? ? “A gripping romantic chic-lit fiction novel at its best” – Independent quote “Laugh out loud best seller”


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How do you know that he is the one? How do you know that he is the one who is right for you and wanna spend a lifetime together? Do you trust your head, your heart, or your gut feeling?

Ashleigh works as a dental nurse and meets Dave at her workplace. Dave is such a nice person, so sensitive, so polite, with such great manners. Talking to him seems easy, and he understands everything. But one holiday with the girls changes everything for Ashleigh. Ash’s two best friends have so many troubles in their personal lives and she is always there to help them. That’s why they went on that holiday in the first place. But at the same time, Ash faces her own turnovers. Her ex-boyfriend tries to get back with her and Dave has a double date with his twin brother and two women. Can their relationship survive? Can Dave and Ash trust each other or will they trust the grapewine talks?

I must say that there were moments when I was wondering what was the main story here. Was it the romance between Ash and Dave or the friendship of the three best friends? The characters are ordinary, not too funny, not too quirky. Maybe I was expecting little bit more development on that side. As much as I tried to enjoy the story, I didn’t find many ups and down and pushing to the limits. Everything was so plain and ordinary, at least for me. I was expecting a bit more drama, more twists or laugh-out-moments.

The only character that I really loved was Dave. Dave is a full package and every woman’s dream. He is hot and total opposite of his twin brother, and is a real nice guy you’d like to spend the life with.

Overall, Gut Feeling is cute romance, a story about trusting your partner and having more trust in yourself.


My rating: 7/10


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