Book review: A Husband’s Confession by Zoe Miller

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The artisan bakery Ali and Max Kennedy own isn’t just a successful business – it’s a second home, a dream come true. But when bad luck begins to stalk the couple, Ali worries that her fear of losing it all is becoming a reality.

Across the city, Max’s brother Finn and his wife Jo long for the carefree happiness they had when they first met in Australia over twenty years ago. But when Finn loses his high profile TV job and becomes more bitter by the day, Jo starts to suspect that he’s hiding something from her.

While both couples navigate their marriages, little do they realise that Max and Ali’s daughter Jessica harbours a dark secret which threatens to destroy the whole family.

Then it happens – the accident. And the Kennedys will never be the same again.


*Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*

‘A Husband’s Confession’ was such a delightful surprise! I’ve heard of Zoe Miller thanks to my blogging friends, however I haven’t had the opportunity to read her books until now. I was very surprised to see this is her sixth novel, and yet the first one I’m reading. However, after reading this book, I promise to rectify this as soon as possible and dig into her other novels.

Baring in mind this was the first book by Ms Miller I read, I really had no expectations. Which in a way is kind of liberating, no stress whether it will live up to the other books, no awkward anxiety..nada! However, I’ve heard she’s talented, but after couple of failures about books with so much hype, I really don’t trust the buzz 100%. So, there I was, with a book by a new author to me, and let me tell you, it was an amazing and enjoyable experience.

The book starts with a hit and run in which a person is hurt, however it’s later that we understand its connection to the plot. The story follows the Kennedy brothers who can’t be any more different. There’s even a silent rivalry, so naturally they aren’t so close. They seem to lead normal lives with their families, Max and Ali owning a bakery in Dublin, Finn and Jo leading a somewhat more posh life. However, things are soon about to change and many nasty secrets will be revealed. Secrets which might even destroy their lives.

Even though the opening of the book was rather powerful, intense and promised fast pace throughout, the pacing seemed to slow down and eventually when I reached the half of this book I even worried if there was gonna be any climax. But boy, was I wrong. And you know what, I really love when a book proves me wrong, when something happens totally out of the blue and things stop being predictable. That’s what happened with ‘A Husband’s Confession’. All of a sudden things started happening, the story taking a direction I never imagined it would take. The events which followed seemed more intense and the characters gained depth. I assume it was really hard to create four main characters (the two couple) who are so different on so many levels. It’s usually where authors get stuck and their characters end up being one dimensional. However Ms Miller managed to pull it off, so hats off to her!

As for the characters, I must say I found Finn very arrogant, posh and even revengeful at times, yet in a strange kind of way this perfectly worked for the book. I even though I should find this guy annoying, he seemed so so harsh at times. However, I didn’t and couldn’t no matter what my brain was telling me. Max and Ali seem the opposite of Finn and Jo, however they are not flawless. But this just made them much believable as characters.

Overall, this was really an interesting read, quite surprising on many levels and one I sure recommend. The writing is easy to follow and there aren’t that many characters which makes this book really a fast read. I sure will be checking out Ms Miller’s other books, as be on a watch out for her next.

My rating: 8/10


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