Book Discussion: I don’t hate you, I just won’t read your book

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Hey guys,

hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and to all of you mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day. I’m having a wonderful and rather chillaxing Sunday so I thought I’d post something which hopefully you will find interesting. If you’re an author reading this, it might be even useful. I sure hope you’ll find it useful.

Anyway, it’s been more than a year and a half (closer to 2 years) since my good friend Marina and I decided to go on this blogging venture. Hand in hand, we’ve been fighting our TBR piles, shared our passion for books (especially those falling in chick lit genre), however we never planned posting any discussion posts. We were focused more on reviews, which will be still our primary thing. But lately I’ve been feeling this great need to share my tips, advice and generally my opinion on what it feels like to be a book blogger. This time spent in the wonderful book blogging community has not only impacted my thoughts on writing and books, but also my whole personality. You’ll all agree with me that book blogging is not only about books, but also about the people you meet through your love for books. Thanks to book blogging I’ve met so many great friends all over the world. Thanks to book blogging some of my friends (book bloggers and authors) now know where my little country (Macedonia) is or if they knew about it, they found out more. Every day we learn and I sure have learned many valuable lessons all thanks to book blogging.

But what I will talk about today is why I won’t read a certain book. This topic might be interesting more for authors, but at the same time, some of my reasons might be same as other blogger’s.



Bloggers say ‘READ OUR REVIEW POLICY’ but some authors are just too damn lazy or Divas thinking their book will be everyone’s thing. Well it’s not, and not all of us can read all genres. Most of us have stated this in our Review Policy, you just gotta sacrifice ONE minute from your precious day to read it. However, if you did read it, and unfortunately your book is not among the genres that blogger reads, do not despair. Trust me, you have not just saved that poor blogger’s time, but also saved yourself from potential 1* rating. However, if you get your book into the right hands, to a blogger who does read that genre, you’re in the game. So, it’s a win-win kind of thing, you just have to stop being lazy and invest one minute/per blog’s review policy. Which is not too much, if you look at the bigger picture. It equivalents the time you’d spend browsing Pinterest or RTing 10 people on twitter. And also, reading Review Policy will benefit you more.



Lately, we’ve been kind of quiet when it comes to Blog Tours because sometimes the book was not up to our standards or liking and we feel bad afterwards for saying that to the organizer. We still do Blog Tours but only for authors we’ve read before or really believe their book is up our street. This is better both for us, the tour organizer and the author/publisher. We still think Blog Tours are great, just not every blog tour is for us.



It’s massive, as every blogger’s TBR pile. At time of posting this I have +450 paperbacks I haven’t read. I won’t even mention the number of books stored on my kindle. Of course, not all are sent from publishers/authors for review, but bought and I really really want to find the time to read them. People have invented so many stuff, went to the moon and all that, but no one yet has managed to make the day last longer than 24h. In these 24 h I have to find the time to earn for a living, do my job the best I can, feed the kids, play and help them with school, cuddle with them and hubby, cook, clean and you know..generally, LIVE!



I’m not a Diva, but please don’t treat us like we’re worth nothing. We’re humans too you know, and we do this as a hobby. There are so many books out there and so many fab ones, being rude in your review request e-mails will really get you nowhere. If you don’t care about us, you obviously don’t care about our opinion. And if you don’t care about our opinion, why are you e-mailing us? We don’t get paid to do this, we are free service. Actually we’re the ones paying hosting sites and even organizing giveaways, so try to imagine just how much we love books since we’re doing this. Got the picture? Good! Never forget, be polite in your review requests!


#5: Not only I won’t read it, it’s an IMMEDIATE DELETE

This is actually kind of linked to #4 but I still thought it’s worth pointing out. Authors, never send your book in your first e-mail to that blogger. I’m gonna speak for myself here, but honestly it makes me feel cheap. We do get Unsolicited ARCs or review copies, but only from people we’ve worked with or interacted before (through social medias too). It’s really rude to send your book without our consent to review it and at the same time is not the way to treat your own book. We’re not authors but we known you put so much effort in your books, so it is among the most precious possessions of yours. Don’t just throw it in someone’s face. That face and your book deserve much better than that.


I’m sure I got more reasons for why I won’t read a certain book, but for a first discussion post we ever did, it’s turning into a rather long one. And we don’t want you bored. However, there will be more posts about blogging and we hope you’ll find them interesting. Your comments on this are much appreciated and if you’re a book blogger we’d love to hear more of your reasons on why you’d say NO to a book. Thanks so much for reading and stay awesome!



13 responses to “Book Discussion: I don’t hate you, I just won’t read your book

  1. Hi Ana!
    I recognized a lot of the “blog issues” I’ve come across during my time as a book blogger. I stopped accepting review requests because I simply don’t have enough time to read them at the moment.
    And just as you said, we acknowledge the amount of work and dedication it takes to write a book, so I simply feel it wouldn’t be fair to the author to accept the request & copy, knowing that I might not even get to read it.
    I sometime make exceptions for writers I got to know well through social media and/or already read a few of their books because I know that I will definitely enjoy them. When you have a busy schedule, there’s nothing worse than having to give up time to read a book you don’t like all that much, just because you promised to read it. IF you find time to read, you want it to be time well spent.
    As for rude requests… I think I only received one rude one. Others were just impersonal or sounded/looked like (and often got mistaken for) random spam newsletters. I replied to this one author, politely, but never heard back. For the record: she had zero reviews on amazon and didn’t even exist on Goodreads. But of course she felt like it was her place to lecture me.
    Small hiccup though in almost 2 years of blissful blogging with fabulous new books to read and amazing new friends along the way.

  2. Great post Ana and all points you make are valid.

    Since I added about my job role on my review policy and about me and promotions page (and probably sneaked in somewhere else too) the requests I get are for interviews/guest posts and not for reviews … although some authors do add ‘I know you are closed to reviews but …’ I tend to ignore those requests in my reply.

    I must admit to being much more chilled about my blog these days. If it doesn’t get done because I am out enjoying my weekend with my family or friends then there’s always another day. Priorities 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day x x x

  3. Pat

    I’m not a fan of people who use a blunderbuss approach to asking for reviews. It seems to be bad manners to me. I can’t begin to imagine how annoying it is for all of you book bloggers.
    I get that people are keen to have their book read, but would they like someone doing the same to them with say, double glazing? I thought not.
    Thank you for doing what you do – and for not tarring us all with the same brush.

  4. I completely agree with your points there – I recently changed my review policy in me accepting reviews, but I will take it out again as my TBR pile is growing by the minute and I start to feel like I am losing the fun part of reading a book!
    I haven’t had any rude emails, or at least that I can remember, more generic ones. It states clearly in the review policy and my About page my name, so please try to use it. Even if it is a generic email, it would be nice to be called by your first name as it makes you look like you actually checked out my blog and would like to connect with me.

    I also have read quite a few meh books lately, so I am now more conscious than ever to stop accepting reviews and start reading my own books. Just to get me back into my reading joy again.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you x

  5. I agree with all of your points.The most annoying thing to me is that the authors and publishers don’t read my review policy and their emails starts with “I know that you like this book” and the book is on your not Accepting list genre.
    I will reblogging this,Ana, thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post Dr. A 😉

    And I totally agree with you on all of it.
    I hate it when they attach the book directly, I always delete these immediately. I get a lot of requests that are not in my list of genres, I delete these as well. And I hate the impersonal one starting with “Hey”…. or when they get my name wrong, that shows me that they don’t read my blog properly. And as Mary said some authors have no reviews yet or are not even on Goodreads.
    When I don’t wanna accept more request I reply politely and most of them understand, I think the others just don’t answer…

    I feel it’s a different matter, when I already know an author!

    Love, Simona xxx

  7. Beth Thomas

    I am truly shocked to learn that authors/publishers are so rude to bloggers like this. It almost seems like they think of the blogger as their employee, on the payroll! And what a shame that reading and reviewing books – your passion – could at any time start to feel like a chore. Thank you for this, it’s been a te eye opener for me.
    Beth x

    • thischickreads

      Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by. As I say in my post, some authors have been rude. Not all, thank god for that. Actually the majority has been very generous and kind and that’s why we’re still doing this. While I understand that a certain author might want some blogger to review their book so bad, or generally needs more reviews to get their book/s noticed, there has to be some rules. Some of these rules can be found in our policy, while some are just manners:) Thanks so much for commenting, much appreciated. xx

  8. lynsey farmer

    Loved ur post Anna. New to blogging but get some requests like you mentioned just delete them to be honest as its cheeky. I have author now bugging me for a review only had book last week but get constant emails asking how im getting on ur post has gave me the encouragement to tell him once i receive another email i work 4 days havw 2 girls bl9gging is a hobby that i emjoy

  9. lynsey farmer

    Last words went crazy have 2 young girls book reviewing is my hobby that i love doing so stop the pressure for a review. Might have to think about doing a review policy on my blog

    • I would highly recommend you have a review policy Lynsey as some people do read it. It’s not only a filter but sets out your expectations and how you ‘work’ on the blog too.

      Happy Blogging.


  10. What a great post Ana. Agree with all your points. As an author the first thing I do is find the review policy and scan through it. I think all you bloggers and reviewers are amazing! It still astounds me how you can review so many books and how you take that time, all unpaid. Forever grateful!

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