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Today we have the pleasure to kick off a Blog Tour for a book so many people have talked about recently. We’re honored and thrilled to be part of this blog tour and would like to say million thanks to lovely Alison Barrow and the other guys from Transworld for the chance to be part of it. Make sure you visit the other hosts on the blog tour for more Queenie Hennessy awesomeness.



When Queenie Hennessy discovers that Harold Fry is walking the length of England to save her, and all she has to do is wait, she is shocked. Her note had explained she was dying. How can she wait?
A new volunteer at the hospice suggests that Queenie should write again; only this time she must tell Harold everything. In confessing to secrets she has hidden for twenty years, she will find atonement for the past. As the volunteer points out, ‘Even though you’ve done your travelling, you’re starting a new journey too.’
Queenie thought her first letter would be the end of the story. She was wrong. It was the beginning.
Told in simple, emotionally-honest prose, with a mischievous bite, this is a novel about the journey we all must take to learn who we are; it is about loving and letting go. And most of all it is about finding joy in unexpected places and at times we least expect.

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‘The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy’ is actually a companion novel to ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ by Rachel Joyce, and there’s been a lot of hype about both of thees books. Usually, the majority of readership and me don’t get along when it comes to such books, but in this case, not only is the hype right but I totally approve of it. I actually think this is one of those cases when I will say this is a MEGA HIT kind of a book and a MUST READ.

I haven’t read the first part and now, after reading Queenie’s book I can’t wait to get it and read Harold Fry’s story too. Queenie Hennessy is in hospice, approaching the last days of her life. But, one letter by Harold Fry changes everything, he tells her he’s ‘walking’ and on his way to see her. This is a reason enough for her to continue living, waiting patiently for the man who she loved and still loves with all her heart, but whom’s she hasn’t seen for 20 years. As she waits, she writes letters to him, confessing some things from the past, telling some things he has to know before he sees her.

What a book, guys! This book is a true gem! It’s one of these books that speaks to your heart! I read it in just one sitting and was so sad (even tears in my eyes) when I got to the ending. Queenie’s story is simply unforgettable, in a way it’s simple, yet so powerful because it will get all these emotions out of you. This fantastic book just proves what we all know ‘It’s the journey that counts, not the destination’.

What also makes this book stand out among the rest is the wonderful prose, the unique voice and fantastic writing which keeps you engaged through out. The relationship between Queenie and Harold made me smile, laugh, cry and even crushed my heart in the end. It’s not the usual love story we read about in the romance books, it’s much much bigger than that. It’s selfless love, full of sacrifices. I’ve never been much into writing down or memorizing quotes from a book, but I wrote down 5 full pages with quotes I loved, one being:

‘Every once in a while you have to stop in your tracks and admire the , a small cloud and a tree outside your window. You have to see what you did not see before. And then you have to sleep’.

THIS is what I’m talking about. There are so many powerful, deep, philosophical thoughts about love, grief, loss, happiness and sadness. Thoughtprovoking, mesmerizing, and utterly brilliant, this book will blow your mind! Surely, the easiest 10/10 I’ve ever given. I strongly urge everyone to read it, without a doubt, one of the best books I’ve ever read.


My rating: 10/10


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