Blog Tour + Review: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ by Daniela Sacerdoti

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Today I have the honour and pleasure to kick off Daniela Sacerdoti’s blog tour for her new novel, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ which is the fourth book in her Glen Avich Series. I’m such a HUGE fan of Daniela and absolutely adore her books. They are all beautifully written and magical, and with this book Daniela once again shows her great talent for creating an atmospheric read which is quite an emotional roller coaster. Read my review and add this book to your TBR piles, trust me, you don’t want to miss it.




I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour + Review: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ by Daniela SacerdotiDon't Be Afraid by Daniela Sacerdoti
Series: Glen Avich #4
Published by Black & White Publishing
Published on 10.12.2015
Genres: women's fiction
Pages: 256
Format: paperback
Source: Publisher
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When you've forgotten how to live, help can arrive in mysterious ways…

Successful artist Isabel Ramsay has never come to terms with the tragic death of her mother. Haunted by what happened, Isabel finds her own life spiralling out of control until, one winter’s day, she gives up, unable to bear the pain of living any longer. Yet somehow she wakes up, remembering a vision of a mysterious woman who has saved her. But alone in a locked house, surely that’s impossible?

With her family and friends worried out of their minds, her husband Angus finds a companion to watch over Isabel while he's away from home. Warm, wise Clara can connect with Isabel in a way no one else can, helping her face up to her painful past, rediscover her passion for art and become brave enough to live her life again. But there’s a mystery surrounding Clara: who is she, and why does Isabel feel she’s known her all her life?

Don't Be Afraid is a beautiful, life-affirming story of how even the most difficult struggles can be overcome and how help can arrive in mysterious ways.

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is the fourth novel in Daniela Sacerdoti’s Glen Avich series and a book I’ve been so excited about. As Daniela is one of my favourite authors I won’t hide that I had high expectations. But no matter how high my expectations were, this book exceeded them all.

Why is writing a review for a book you absolutely loved the hardest? I’m certain no matter what I say in my review, that I won’t do the book justice…because it’s one of these rare gems, a book that spoke to my heart and completely draw me in its magical world where I was a listener, an observer, a witness to a great pain.

As all the others Glen Avich novel, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is poignant, full of emotions and concentrates on sensitive topics. We meet Isabel Ramsey, who’s nothing but a shadow from the lively, gorgeous Bella she once were. She’s suffering from depression and every day is a battle for her. It seems like the whole world is closing in on her, and even her beloved husband, Angus can’t help her out. She’s refusing to take her medicines, has so many dark thoughts going through her mind and is a danger to herself. But when her husband employs Clara, a mysterious stranger, to care for Isabel while he’s away for work, things start changing. As we follow Isabel through her life, which is all shades of dark, exploring her past and all the things that trapped her inside of the house, we realize hope and help sometimes do come in a strange way.

What makes this book so special is it’s character driven and even though it’s fiction it will make you sympathize with Isabel and actually feel her pain. I’m not familiar with depression, despite having some down moments in my life (just like most of us have), however being in contact with some people who are fighting depression, I do believe the author authentically portrayed everything that comes along with it. The constant fear, the unexplained anxiety, not being able to feel the light despite seeing it… it’s all described so vividly and it make me feel…pain. Can I say I enjoyed it? Not in the true sense, no. This is not a book you’ll enjoy, but it is definitely one you will love. It’s hard reading about someone else’s pain, and the descriptions of their state are so vivid, I really felt everything Isabel was feeling. And it was painful and everything but enjoyable.

But as in all her other novels, Daniela shows us there’s always hope, even when everything seems so dark. Who are the people we can rely on? Who are the people that would never abandon us despite not recognizing us anymore? As in the other Glen Avich books, there’s a paranormal twist entwined perfectly with the rest of the story. I’m not the biggest fan of anything paranormal, but Daniela spices up her books with just the right dose, creating a wonderful, poignant story with a bit of magic.

I absolutely love Daniela’s writing style, I could actually see how she’s grown as an author, following her back from 2011 when I read the first one in this series, Watch Over Me, which was her debut. Despite ‘Watch Over Me’ being still my favourite book of hers (because I was going through some very tough period and it kind of helped me get through it), ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is equally beautiful, focused on the characters and delivers a strong message. I absolutely recommend this book and the whole series to everyone who enjoys women’s fiction. The books though connected by setting, can definitely be read as stand alones, despite some of the characters from the previous book/s making a short appearance in each of the books. Big, fat five stars because I totally loved it! I hope there will be another book in the Glen Avich series, because seriously, I can’t let go off that place. And I can’t imagine my life without Daniela’s books so really hope there will be a new one soon. As you see, I’m a HUGE fan of Daniela and absolutely adore her books. They are all beautifully written and magical, and with this book Daniela once again shows her great talent for creating an atmospheric read which is quite an emotional roller coaster. Add this book to your TBR piles, trust me, you don’t want to miss it.




About Daniela Sacerdoti

I was born and raised in Italy, but I’ve lived in Scotland for fourteen years. I have now come back to live in my tiny Alpine village, with my husband and sons. I have a degree in Classics and I work as a full time writer and mother, which makes me two people, somehow.

I write adult fiction (the Glen Avich stories), Young Adult (the Sarah Midnight Trilogy) and children’s fiction (Really Weird, shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards). My books are translated in twelve languages and have sold nearly a million e-copies. I have also written for the BBC and several newspapers.

When I don’t write, I spend time with my children, I cook, I walk in my beautiful village home, or I think about writing. If you fancy a chat, drop me a line. I’m always happy to hear from my readers!

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