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Hi lovelies,

we’re thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour for Ellen Faith’s latest ‘Learn to Love Again’. Many thanks to lovely Tay from Chicks That Read for organizing the tour and getting us involved. Now, time for our review.



24904641Living in a small seaside village can have its perks, but after the death of her husband, Lillie Gilbert finds the people she grew up with turning against her faster than the tide rolls out.

As she grieves for the life they planned, the life they’ll never live, she leans on her best friend for support and tries to come to terms with the fact that one day, she may have to open up her heart to a new life and new love. 

After losing her childhood sweetheart, can Lillie really learn to love again? 


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„Today is the day that I say goodbye to the love of my life. The man I shared all of my hopes, my dreams, my future plans with.“

‘Learn to Love Again’ is a poignant story that follows the life of Lillie, young woman whose husband dies. Lillie and Nick were meant to be together forever. But what does forever mean? A terrible illness takes away Nick from Lillie. She loses her love, partner, best friend and soulmate. She wishes she could die too, that’s how much she misses him. People say scars will be healed in time, but every single day without him means just more suffer and pain.

But Lillie has a guardian angel. Both her and Nick had a mutual best friend, Sam. Those three were inseparable as kids. Lillie and Sam were an item ages ago, but she met Nick and she knew that he was the one. However, as a true friend, Sam is there to console her and help her get through a very tough time.

The author takes us on an very emotional journey with these two characters. Both Sam and Lillie suffer after losing Nick and both are emotionally broken and devastated. The story goes from present to past, back and forth, revealing moments from the past and the decisions they’ve made that shaped their lives. Through their memories we meet Nick, we find out about his great character and amazing personality and about his love for his wife and his best friend.

Besides Nick, Lillie and Sam, we also meet Lillie’s parents who grieve alongside her, and there are characters that release some skeletons from the closet. They all bring memories from the past, happy and sad, memories that hurt so much.

No, this isn’t a story involving a love triangle. It is a story of love and friendship, of closing the heart and building walls around it, and opening it again. It is a story of second chances and a short, yet so powerful story that even made me cry. Wholeheartedly recommended.


My rating: 9/10




About The Author
Ellen lives in the wonderful county of Yorkshire, England where she spends most of her time baking, eating, baking, and eating. Occasionally she does leave the house to go to the cinema or do some food shopping though. 
After spending years with an overactive imagination, she decided to put all the magic in her head to some good use and put finger to laptop where The Story of Us was born and became her debut novel. She loves to travel, her favourite destinations so far have all been in America, hence the love of all things, and all people, American. The food rocks pretty hard too, she ate until her jeans begged her to stop whilst she was there. True fact. Aside from daydreaming and eating, Ellen is a sucker for a lolcat, penguins and monkeys – she has never claimed to be normal. 
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