Blog Tour and Extract: ‘The Years of Loving You’ by Ella Harper

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Hi guys,

today we have the great pleasure and honour to kick off Ella Harper’s blog tour for her much anticipated second novel ‘The Years of Loving You’. The kindle edition is out today, and the paperback is out on 19th November. We’d like to say massive thank you to Avon UK and lovely Helena for inviting us to be part of the blog tour, and of course to amazingly talented Ella Harper for the extract. Make sure you visit the other tour hosts for more extracts and guest posts.


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Ed put his hands around her waist. ‘Marry me, Saskia.’

‘W-what?’ She almost dropped the glasses again.

‘Marry me.’ Ed kissed her. ‘Let’s get married.’

Saskia stared at him. ‘Do you really mean it?’

Ed panicked then pushed the feeling away. ‘I really mean it.’

‘Oh my God!’ Still clutching the champagne and flutes, Saskia put her arms around Ed’s neck and kissed him. ‘I can’t believe it. This is so unexpected!’

Ed grinned. It had been somewhat unexpected on his part as well. He had always thought he would plan such an occasion for months – plotting all the details the way he had learnt to do with novel-writing. He had always thought the event would have a beginning, a middle and an end, not be something he blurted out on a whim.

‘You’ve made me so happy,’ Saskia murmured against his ear. ‘I just want to be with you.’

Ed kissed Saskia. No. He’d done the right thing. He had finally finished his novel and he and Saskia were getting married. Everything was slotting into place. Everything was making sense. In fact, the only thing that didn’t make sense was that Ed’s next thought was that he wanted to call Molly. But this was his and Saskia’s moment. It was just that Molly was the first person Ed always thought of when something important happened . . .

 Back in the room again, Ed bit his lip. One person was notable by their absence. Where the hell was Molly?

‘Where’s Molly?’ Ed said to Sam again, noting that he was off the phone at last. ‘She promised she’d be here.’

Sam frowned at his phone. ‘No idea. She had to pop out and do something but she didn’t say what. I’m sure she’ll be here. Congratulations, anyway,’ Sam added, tucking his phone away. ‘And I really mean that.’

Of course you mean that, Ed thought to himself. Sam was hardly his biggest fan and seeing him married off would please him no end.

He met Sam’s innocent-looking green eyes and some­thing unspoken passed between them. Ed knew that Sam knew that he knew what Sam had done. All with the very best of intentions, no doubt, but still. What Sam had done might have changed the course of history. Maybe. Ed had no way of knowing for sure.

Saskia appeared at Ed’s elbow. ‘And this is my fiancé,’ Saskia said to one of the friends Ed hadn’t yet met. She was slurring.

‘Charmed I’m sure,’ Ed said, leaning in for kisses and pleasantries. ‘Thanks so much for coming.’ Christ, he sounded as though he was already at his wedding. He glanced at Saskia. She really was very drunk. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair was in disarray and she was clearly having trouble standing up.

‘Are you ok?’ Ed said into her ear.

‘Of course!’ Saskia patted his cheek and looked past him. ‘I’m absolutely fine.’

‘You might have had a bit too much champagne,’ Ed grinned. Even plastered, Saskia was ravishing.

Saskia smiled. ‘Maybe. I’m just having fun.’

‘Me too.’ Ed gave her a kiss. He watched her walk away from him, happy to see her enjoying herself so much.

‘I’ll give Molly a call,’ Sam said as he took his leave. ‘Chase her up. If I can’t get hold of her, I’ll probably call it a day and pop home.’

Ed nodded back, itching to get his phone out and chase Molly. Where on earth was she? It was his engage­ment party, for heaven’s sakes! Ed had attended Molly’s wedding and they hadn’t even been speaking to one another at the time.






So. I’m Ella Harper. I write novels and here on my website, you’ll be able to find information about all of my books, news about any upcoming events and lots of other exciting stuff.

I was an avid reader and my fascination with words and language led me to a degree in French and Russian. I then rather randomly, went off at a tangent and worked in banking for eight years, a job I loved and which at its peak earned me the title of Assistant Vice President. After using my commute to start writing my first novel, I realised I had to leave to pursue a career as a writer and I published four successful novels under the name of Sasha Wagstaff.

‘Pieces of You’ is my first novel under the name of Ella Harper and it was inspired by a personal loss and also fertility issues suffered by friends.



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