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A chance meeting that could scandalise the ton!

19th century England. Harriet is running for her life, chased by three men on horseback through Hyde Park. Knocked unconscious, everything goes black…

Philip, Baron Eaglestone, has never seen such a beautiful damsel in distress. And he’s even more intrigued when she opens her eyes, and begins to speak. Because this irresistible woman can only remember her first name, and has no knowledge as to who was trying to kill her… or where she is!

As Philip cares for Harriet, their attraction burns… and neither can shake the feeling that their chance meeting was truly a moment out of time. But if her memory returns, Harriet will be faced with a question. Will she return home or could it be that family is where her heart is – with a Regency rake!


Today we have the pleasure to welcome Kristina O’Grady on our blog. She has recently published her novel ‘Damsel in Distress?’ which is the second part of her Time-Travel to Regency England series. Kristina is also offering one of our blog readers a chance to win this book by answering a question bellow this post. Read more for her post as well as for the giveaway.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. It’s so good to be here.


I thought we’d have some fun and have a peak at the first lines of some of the chapters in Damsel in Distress Book 2 of Time-Travel to Regency England. I didn’t want to include all the first lines because of spoilers. Can you guess what’s happening?


– They were getting closer.

– Philip Blade, Baron Eaglestone, regretted his moment of weakness last night when he paid a visit to his mistress, as soon as he had climbed into her bed.

– Bile rose up Philip’s throat as he came within reach of the fallen woman.

– Mrs Hillary Barrett wasn’t usually up at this hour, but cook had been experimenting with spice from the Middle East this week and it wasn’t agreeing with her stomach.

– Harriet took in her surroundings.

– “My lord?”

– Harriet awoke with a vague sense of foreboding.

– Three men gathered in the back room of a house.

Dear Readers, it is with great concern I write this to you today.

– Philip stopped as soon as he walked into the room.

– “Harriet. Harriet, wake up.”

– There was no cause to be nervous, Harriet kept telling herself as she looked in the mirror, but the butterflies in her stomach weren’t listening.

– Their names rang out through the crowd as their arrival was announced to the room.

– Philip told himself he watched Harriet from the other side of the room to make sure she was safe.

– Harriet was caught off guard by the intensity of Philip’s gaze.

– Veronica entered the ballroom, confident of her physical charms.

– Veronica bowed low to the Duchess before her.

– Cressandra approached them as soon as they made their way inside the room.

– Philip hadn’t been able to bring himself to move away from her door.

Jesus Christ.

– “I found her, boss.”

– Harriet had gone to lie down, finally accepting she wasn’t going to see the package any time soon. (Just a note here; it’s not that kind of package! Get your mind out of the gutter!)

-“Veronica, please tell me you didn’t?”

– The carriage pulled to a stop in front of number 7 Park Street.

– The carriage raced across the hard-packed road.

For tonight you are.

– Philip stayed as long as he could downstairs.

– Philip met her down by the small creek on the edge of the grounds.

– Harriet lay awake in her bed, listening to the rain pounding against the house.

– Philip cursed himself for his irrational behaviour.

– Harriet stared up at Peter from the floor.

– Harriet took a deep breath and knocked on the door.



I have a copy of Damsel in Distress? to give away. Who can tell me what the last line of Chapter 1 is? Hint…you can find this in the preview available on Amazon.


If you would like to read the rest of the words of this fun Regency Time-Travel please see the links below!


I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website,, on Facebook, Twitter @KristinaOGrady and via email






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