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Today is my stop on Elle Field’s blog tour for her latest release ‘B-Side’ and I have lovely Elle visiting the blog talking about book series. Are you a fan of standalones or series are your thing? Read on for Elle’s thoughts on this and make sure you enter the giveaway, there are some really amazing prizes to be won. Massive thanks to Elle for visiting today and the chance to be part of her blog tour.



OK, here’s the thing: I never intended there to be a whole series about Arielle Lockley, but it’s 2016 and the third book, B-Side, has just been published, whilst the fourth, and final, book in the series is going to be published within the next few months – these characters have taken over, it seems!


It’s the strangest thought, but I’ve known Arielle a lot longer than my other half, new additions to my family, and a bunch of good friends. She’s been around for nearly a decade, though Kept, the first book in the series, was only published three years ago. As Arielle has grown up, so have I, though I’ve aged nine years whilst Arielle has only aged by a few years – slightly unfair!


The best thing about writing a series is seeing how your characters develop, but the worst thing is keeping track of all their quirks and preferences to make sure they remain consistent throughout the series – no one wants to be left scratching their head wondering why a character who had blue eyes in one book suddenly has brown eyes in the next.


Consistency was especially important in B-Side, because it’s the other side of the story to Lost. That doesn’t mean it’s the same though. Etta has her own story to tell as she struggles to control her addiction, make her musical dreams happen, plus deal with the deterioration of her beloved godmother, Felicity – she’s a very different character to Arielle, that’s for sure, and like Lost, B-Side ends on a cliffhanger… Found will be out in August though, so there’s not long to wait to find out how everything is resolved.


Once you’ve read the ending of Found, you might wonder if there will be another book… All I will say is that if I *did* write book five, it won’t be for a good few years. I’ve loved writing the Arielle Lockley series, truly, but I am excited to create some new characters and see where their stories take me.


Are you a fan of book series, or do you prefer stand-alone books?




To celebrate the publication of B-Side, Elle is running a giveaway. Prizes are Amazon vouchers, a paperback set of the full Arielle Lockley series (Kept, Lost and B-Side), and a set of vinyl coasters.


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B-Side by Elle Field Blog Tour Guest Post + #GiveawayB-Side by Elle Field
Series: Arielle Lockley Series #2.5
Also in this series: Found
Published on 17.5.2016
Genres: chick lit
Pages: 196
Format: e-book
Buy on amazon.co.uk or Buy on amazon.com

"What do I honestly know about the music industry? I’m just another idiot with a dream who is naive enough to hope that I might be the next big star."

Etta Millhouse has always had big musical ambitions to match her big voice, but she’s also got three very big problems - the addiction she won’t admit to, her godmother’s illness she can no longer ignore, and her godmother’s useless business partner (who she wishes she could ignore).

Keeping an eye on Arielle’s bad business decisions is the last thing Etta wants to do when she’s offered the chance to record a demo with a top producer. But, a promise is a promise, even if it has her reaching for another pick-me-up... And then another. And then one more.

When the secret she must keep for her godmother, Felicity, sends her drug habit spiralling out of control, can Etta battle her demons in time and make her dream happen? Or, will her music career be over before it’s even begun?



About Elle Field

Elle Field writes romantic comedies, and is the author of the Arielle Lockley series and Geli Voyante's Hot or Not. She grew up in Yorkshire, then moved to Scotland to study International Relations and Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews. Elle now lives in London with her boyfriend and their cat. She's a massive fan of sunshine, giraffes, The Killers, Audrey Hepburn movies, playing Scrabble and tea. Oh, and reading, of course!

8 responses to “B-Side by Elle Field Blog Tour Guest Post + #Giveaway

  1. I think in general I prefer standalones. If I read a book n a series and love it, I do want to read the others in the series, but I don’t like the thought of coming in in the middle of a series and not knowing the background to the characters. I think for a series to work well, each book has to also work as a standalone.

    • thischickreads

      I agree with you, Jane. That’s my main problem with series too, I mean those that can’t be read as stand alones. I feel so lost and sometimes I don’t have the time to go back & read the previous in the series. Thanks for stopping by & your comment.

      • I hear ya! As a reader, I always have to reread old books series whenever a new one comes out – I recently bought #5 and #6 in a series, but I’d read the first four books four years ago… no clue! I admit, sometimes it’s better just to wait and read a series in one swoop when all the books in it are out, though as an author I’d prefer it if people read when there’s a new release! 🙂 x

    • I agree, but it’s sometimes difficult to get a series book to work as a stand-alone. For me, Kept (the first book) was a one-off book, then everyone kept asking for a sequel, which has somehow morphed into a four-book series! The second book, Lost, can be read as a stand-alone, but it was difficult with B-Side and Found because they link so much to Lost.

      Hope you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  2. Irma J

    I prefer standalones as well. But I welcome it when I have to wait for the next book in the series. I get bored with it to quickly and if I’m not reading one after another – it helps, a lot.

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